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OIl vape cartridge

How To Fix An Oil Vape Cartridge?

June 30, 2020 0 Comments

One of the worst feelings in the world is getting ready to vape a new or lightly used oil vape cartridge and realizing it will not work. You may be used to just throwing them away and trying something new, but you may be surprised to hear that many problems with oil vape cartridges can be resolved in the comfort of your own home! Even if it first appears that the cartridge is the issue, there are many problems that could actually be preventing your oil vape cartrid...
Oil cartridge for vape

What Are The Best Vape Pens for Oil Cartridges?

June 26, 2020 0 Comments

Whether you are just beginning your journey with vaping or consider yourself a seasoned veteran, shopping for the best vape pen that will work with a cartridge can an incredibly daunting experience. The majority of vape cartridges have a slim profile and use a 510-thread. They can be used for oils, wax, or herbs. In this article, we have laid out the 3 types of vape pens that can be used with skinny 510 thread cartridges.
Battery for vapes

How Does A Vape Battery Work?

June 22, 2020 0 Comments

Without batteries, we would not be able to vape our favorite e-liquids, oils, wax, or dry herbs. It is the battery that does most of the heavy lifting during the vaporization process. Vapes are often differentiated by their features, size, and you guessed it, batteries. The capabilities of a vape are directly tied to battery power regardless of the type of vape. We have put together an in-depth article that breaks down some of the essential el...

Wax pen with wax container

Wax Pens vs Oil Vape Pens

June 18, 2020 0 Comments

If you are deciding whether to get an oil vape pen or a wax vape pen then look no further.  This article highlights all the key functions of each style of vape pen and hopefully will help you decide which one is right for you.

Hand holding SteamCloud oil vape pen

How To Use A Vape Pen For Oil

June 15, 2020 0 Comments

With so many styles on the market to choose from, vaping oil has come to be known as one of the most effective ways of consuming concentrates without the use of combustion tools such as torches or lighters. Oil tends to produce massive hits in comparison to dry herb vaping for example. Full flavor profiles are achieved with the use of oil, and in this guide, we will break down exactly how to use some of the most popular oil vape devices.
SteamCloud Mini 2.0 kit

What Is A Vape Pen?

June 08, 2020 0 Comments

The term vape pen refers to a product of several names, including a vaporizer, an e-cigarette, electronic vape, dab pen, or even just the simple term “vape.” Regardless of the name, all of these terms refer to the same basic product: a battery-powered device that heats either oil, dry herbs, or wax to create vapor for inhaling. The term “vape pen” often refers to the design of vape that looks like a pen (slender and in a cylinder shape), though it can refer to othe...

SteamCloud Vapes

Who is SteamCloud Vapes?

February 26, 2019 0 Comments

Leading the way in oil vape pen innovation is SteamCloud Vapes. We specialize in developing portable vape pens that utilize 510 thread oil cartridges. We completely oversee our own research, manufacturing and quality control for all of our devices. This means
Oil Vape Pen 101

What is an Oil Vape Pen?

February 20, 2019 0 Comments

Learn everything you need to know about Oil Vaporizers here.  We cover the simple pens to the box mod vapes, with pictures and information about everything.
SteamCloud Micro Review

SteamCloud Micro Oil Vape Review

February 07, 2019 0 Comments

The vape industry has grown explosively over the past ten years and will continue to grow apace. Because there are more vaping options, lots of people are buying and using vape pens. The SteamCloud Micro meets that growing demand.

SteamCloud EVOD Review

SteamCloud EVOD Vape Review

February 05, 2019 0 Comments

For consumers seeking a simple, straightforward vape battery that does not require cumbersome accessories or extensive, intimate knowledge of the complexities of vaping to get it to work optimally, the SteamCloud EVOD vape battery may be ideal.
SteamCloud Mini 2.0 Vape Review

SteamCloud Mini 2.0 Vape Review

February 01, 2019 0 Comments

Vaping oils is leading the way as a healthier and more convenient alternative to smoking. The SteamCloud Mini 2.0 oil vaporizer is one of our most popular models. It’s a portable vaporizer for oils or wax that packs a serious punch!

SteamCloud Box Mod Review

SteamCloud Box Mod Vape Review

January 24, 2019 0 Comments

As vaping devices continue to grow in popularity, it is only natural to see a rise in the availability of models with more distinct features catered towards a seasoned-user. If you find yourself wanting for more customizable features, then the SteamCloud Box Mod may fit exactly what you are looking for.