Best Vape Pens for Vape Cartridges

What Are The Best Vape Pens for Oil Cartridges?

June 26, 2020 0 Comments

Oil cartridge for vape

A lot has changed since the earliest days of vaping. Now, there is a plethora of vapes at our fingertips, each with its own unique capabilities and features. Whether you are just beginning your journey with vaping or consider yourself a seasoned veteran, shopping for the best vape pen that will work with a cartridge can an incredibly daunting experience. The majority of vape cartridges have a slim profile and use a 510-thread. They can be used for oils, wax, or herbs. In the section below we have laid out the 3 types of vape pens that can be used with skinny 510 thread cartridges.

1. Actual Vape Pens

    Whenever we talk about vape pens, a certain image always comes to mind – a long, cylindrical, pen-like device. This shape is what gave these vapes their name in the first place. While the definition of a vape pen has been extended to include multiple styles, there are tons of vapes that stick to the original conception of a vape pen. Take the SteamCloud EVOD for example, it works with 510 thread oil, wax, and herb cartridges, and offers variable voltage.

    Not all vape pens have variable voltage settings, however. You also can find vape pens that activate the moment you take a puff. In addition to 510 thread cartridges, actual vape pens can work with larger tank attachments for e-liquids that are used with box mods.

    Overall, vape pens are compact, sleek, and perfect for taking on the go. They offer a level of convenience and flexibility that other types of vape pens cannot match. If you enjoy vaping multiple materials and swap out cartridges or tanks frequently, this is the ideal style of vape pen.

    2. Made-for-Cartridge Vape Pens

      In addition to dual purpose vape pens, there are TONS of vape pens designed to fit 510-thread cartridges exclusively. Thus, tank enthusiasts will not be able to user their attachments with these types of pens. Another big difference between cartridge-only vape pen is their shape; you can find larger box-mod shaped devices as well as pens giving this category a bit more flexibility.

      An ideal example for a made-for-cartridge pen would be the SteamCloud Mini 2.0, which is designed to fit skinny 510-thread oil cartridges and wax cartridges with a special adapter. A vape like the Mini 2.0 is ideal for users who solely vape oil or wax via 510 thread cartridges and does not use tanks for e-liquids. Simply put, this type of vape has been built to fulfill a simple purpose – vaporizer wax, oils, and herbs.

      3. Box Mod Vapes

        Easily the most confusing category under the vape pen umbrella, box mods lack the shape of a traditional vape pen and were originally built to fit vape tanks for e-juice. Their primary benefit is the level customization given to users from voltage/temperature settings to puff counters. Also, box mods tend to have higher battery capacities and outputs allowing users to take huge rips and produce dense, lush clouds of vapor.

        Since their tank-only beginnings, box mods have undergone lots of change in recent years. Now, you can find plenty of box mods capable of accommodating 510-thread cartridges for oils, wax, and herbs. A good example is the SteamCloud Box Mod, which fits 510 thread cartridges for multiple materials, has a 1600mAh battery capacity, and variable wattage control.

        If controlling all aspects of your vaping experience is something you value, there is not a better substitute for what a good box mod offers. One thing to keep in mind, box mods may be more cumbersome and not as portable in comparison to standard vape pens, which is something to keep in mind if being discreet is of importance.

        To Sum It Up

        It is our hope that this guide has aided you in your search for the optimal vape pen. To recap – the term ‘vape pen’ is used to describe multiple styles of vaporizer, from actual vape pens to box mods. Deciding upon a type of vape pen will depend on your needs and goals. Folks looking to maximize potency, swap out cartridges and tanks, and control their experience will find OG vape pens as well as box mods to be the best. On the other hand, if the details are not as important and you want to get vaping right out of the box, a vape pen built only for cartridges is beyond capable of getting the job done.

        Within each vape pen type is thousands of vapes with a staggering number of features. We recommend you take your time and explore the different features across different vapes. Refer to this guide if you are unsure whether you are looking at vape pen for cartridges only etc. At the end of the day, enjoying your vaping experience is the ultimate goal.

        Written By: Colby M.

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