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SteamCloud EVOD Vape Pen

The SteamCloud EVOD is a long lasting 510 thread vape battery that comes with twist variable voltage. It's super convenient and works great with any 510 thread oil cartridge, wax atomizer, or dry herb heating chamber. 

SteamCloud EVOD Vape Kit Includes

  • 1 SteamCloud EVOD Vape Pen 
  • 1 USB Charger
  • 1 Protective Box 

SteamCloud EVOD Vape Details 

  • Compatible with all types of Vape Cartridges
  • For Vaping Dry Herbs, Vape Oils & Wax Concentrates
  • Customizable Variable Voltage to customize vaping experience - (3.3V, 3.8V, 4.3V, 4.8V)
  • Compatibility - Oil Cartridges, Wax Atomizers, and Dry Herb Heating Chambers
  • Battery Capacity - 900mAh Lithium-ion battery



Can the EVOD oil vape be used with Wax or Dry Herb Cartridges?

The EVOD is specifically designed for use with 510 thread oil cartridges, but it also works great with 510 thread wax atomizers as well as 510 thread dry herb heating chamber attachments. Just about any 510 thread cartridge will work with the SteamCloud EVOD vape pen! The powerful lithium-ion battery and variable voltage setting make for reliable vapor production and optimal temperature customization every session.

1.  Does this Vape Battery have a Button?

Yes, this oil vape features a central power button near the top. The power button will turn the device on and off. While on, holding the power button will heat the device and create vapor.

2.  Does this Vape Battery have a Variable Voltage Setting? 

Yes, the EVOD has a twist dial near the base or the device that controls the voltage setting. Twist the dial for 3.3V, 3.8V, 4.3V, or 4.8V of power output. 


Every new SteamCloud vape pen comes charged and ready to use straight out of the box. After the battery has been depleted of power, it will need to be recharged. With a charged battery, attach a skinny, 510 thread oil cartridge (wax atomizer or dry herb heating chamber). Screw the cartridge (or attachment) into the top of the battery. Ensure the cartridge is completely screwed in, otherwise the connection required will not take place. Be sure not to screw the attachment in too tightly or it can break.

With the battery charged and a cartridge attached, the device is ready for vaping. Click the power button 5 times in rapid succession to turn the vape pen on. Press and hold the power button to heat the device and create vapor. Just inhale and enjoy! Use the twist dial to adjust the voltage setting.  Larger tank attachments will require a higher voltage setting than the skinnier cartridges.  Herbs in general do not take much to get heated where oils and certainly wax can take more power.

When your vaping session is complete, click the power button another 5 times quickly in a row to turn it off. You can also slightly unscrew the cartridge (or attachment) to disconnect the electric current flowing from the battery. When not using, keep the EVOD in a cool and dry place to preserve the device and battery life. Keep oil and wax containers stored in an upright position to minimize leaks and mess. 


To charge the EVOD battery, first turn the device off and unscrew any cartridges or attachments. Next, screw the battery into the included USB charger and plug the charger into a power source. Make sure the battery connection is not too tight or loose in the charger; adjust if needed. 

While the battery is charging, the charger will display a red light. Once the battery is fully charged, the light on the USB charger will turn green. Remove the battery from the charger and remove the charger from the power source as soon as the device is fully charged. Leaving the battery charging longer than necessary will lead to over-charging, which degrades the battery faster than normal use.

Once charged and removed from the USB charger, you may reattach an oil cartridge (or other 510 thread attachment) and start vaping. If the vape will not be used right away, store the battery away in a cool, dry place with oil and wax cartridges left unscrewed and upright.


Occasionally, you might run into an issue while using a vape pen. Since vaporizers are electronic, user error and component malfunction are the most common troubles that arise. When faced with any issue, the first thing to do is consult the User Manual. Next, go through the Operation and Charging Instructions above. This will generally solve the issue. However, if you are still experiencing an issue after going through the manual and operation guide, refer to the troubleshooting topics covered below:

My Vape Stopped Working – If you have been using the EVOD vape for a very long time and are sure there is an issue, it might be time to replace some of the components, like the battery. If your device fails to charge or will not heat to create vapor, and you have tried troubleshooting the issue, there is a good chance that it is time for a new battery. The EVOD has one of the strongest and longest lasting batteries and comes at a great price. The SteamCloud Box Mod vape has an even more powerful and longer lasting battery, but it costs a little more. If you want a slightly cheaper replacement option, the Stylus and Micros are good options.

My Vape Does Not Work – if you are having issues getting an attachment or oil cartridge to create vapor, read through the operating procedures and user manual first. Next, check that the device is properly charging by seeing if the light works while the pen is plugged into the charger and power source. If the devices charges, check that it will turn on. Tap the power button 5 times rapidly and see if the button light activates. If the device works but still will not produce vapor, there is a good chance the cartridge is burnt out. Occasionally an unused cartridge will turn out to be a dud. You can swap out the battery with another that works to ensure the cartridge is the issue and not the vape pen.

My Vape Does Not Work 2 – though it is rare, the issue may be a poor connection between the battery and cartridge, rather than with one or the other. The EVOD features a shallow connection port that works with nearly all 510 thread cartridges. However, if an oil cartridge screw is extremely short or poorly produced, there is a chance the metal connections will not make contact, which inhibits the flow of electricity. 

The Vapors Are Very Light – the EVOD vape pen has a variable voltage setting with a twist dial. You can customize the setting for an optimal experience no matter what substance you choose to vape. If you are getting wispy, thin vapor, there is a chance you have set the voltage too low for the material you are trying to vape. Some oil cartridges have a higher resistance than others and will also require a higher voltage setting. When trying to vape a new strain or cartridge, it is recommended that you start out on the lowest voltage setting and work your way up to the optimal level. New oil cartridges may also need primed before the oil will flow smoothly. Just heat the new cartridge on the lowest voltage setting for a few seconds before raising to the setting you like.

The Vape Battery Will Not Charge – one of the simplest solutions to a vape pen not working is too see if it needs to be charged. Try following the section above about proper charging first. Make sure the connection points to the battery, charger and power source are all fully and securely connected. If the device lights up when plugged into the charger and the power source is reliable, but the device still will not charge, there is a good chance the USB charger needs to be replaced.


Store Vape Pen and Cartridges Upright – oils and waxes turn into a sticky liquid when warm. If an oil cartridge is left on its side while still warm, there is a good chance the oil will leak into the mouthpiece. This can clog the mouthpiece and cause irregular heating of the cartridge. The best way to keep your device and cartridges upright is to invest in a silicone cartridge stand. 

On Long Trips, Bring Your Charger – the usb charger that came with your new EVOD vape pen is very small and can easily be stored in a pocket, purse or pouch. If you plan to be away all day, it is a good idea to pack the charger, so you will never have to go without the vape.

Think About the Accessories – since the EVOD is compatible with both dry herbs and concentrates, it is important to think about what accessories you might need before going out. Dabbing tools are a must if using a wax atomizer attachment. With dry herbs, you may want to consider bringing a grinder. Glass screens are also recommended with dry herb attachments.


The SteamCloud EVOD and SteamCloud Micro are very similar. They are both vape pens that can handle oil, wax or dry herb attachments. Both also feature variable voltage settings. The major difference between the two is the battery. The Micro has a 360mAh battery with variable voltage settings of 3.2, 3.7, and 4.0 volts. The EVOD has a 900mAh battery with variable voltage settings of 3.3, 3.8, 4.3, and 4.8 volts. The EVOD charge lasts longer. It also is more powerful, so it can easily handle a wider variety of distillates and cartridges with ranging resistances.

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