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How Does A Vape Battery Work?

June 22, 2020 0 Comments

Battery for vapes

Without batteries, we would not be able to vape our favorite e-liquids, oils, wax, or dry herbs. It is the battery that does most of the heavy lifting during the vaporization process. Vapes are often differentiated by their features, size, and you guessed it, batteries. The capabilities of a vape are directly tied to battery power regardless of the type of vape. We have put together an in-depth article that breaks down some of the essential elements of vape batteries.

How Vape Batteries Operate

At their simplest definition, vape batteries all serve one purpose. Battery power is used to heat up a coil, chamber, etc. to vaporize different materials. Outside of this similarity, vape batteries widely differ in terms of power emitting levels, battery life, operating process, and more. Each vape battery has its own advantages and disadvantages. Thus, the idea of a ‘perfect’ or ‘best’ vape battery is subjective. For some vape users, the more battery power the better. While for others, it simply comes down to getting the job done regardless of a battery’s specifications. With all the differences between batteries, getting a grasp on certain functions and features can be overwhelming. Next, we will discuss ten essential functions common in vape batteries to give you confidence when shopping for a vape battery.

10 Vape Battery Functions

As we briefly pointed out in the introduction, vape batteries serve the same purpose but the similarities end there. There is a plethora of differences between various batteries to keep in mind:

1. Power ON/OFF

Except for a handful of vapes, most vaporizers available today are powered on and off with a pressing sequence or button. For example, you can find plenty of vapes that require the user to press the power button 3-5 times to power the device on or off. On top of power buttons, certain vapes can be activated the moment you take a puff for added convenience.

2. Variable Voltage Output

Variable voltage output measures the total power going from a vape battery to a cartridge, chamber, or etc. Depending on the vape, voltage can be adjusted by single watts or there may be 3-5 preset voltages the user can cycle through. It is worth noting that higher voltage outputs do not necessarily make a vape superior to another. There are certain situations or purposes where high voltage is needed. For example, folks who enjoy producing lush clouds of vapor or desire maximum potency will care more about output than other users.

3. Temperature Control

    In relation to vaping, temperature control is practically the same thing as variable voltage. Instead of reading a battery’s power output in watts, temperature control goes by degrees that can be adjusted within a single digit or locked to presets. Temperature control is more common in box mods, where you will find a limitless number of customization features. Also, dry herb vaporizer use temperature control for added precision to ensure heating chambers are set to the correct temperature.

    4. mAh Capacity

    In comparison to variable voltage output, mAh capacity simply tells you how much actual energy is stored in a battery. To give an example – a 500 mAh battery has less power capacity than a 1000 mAh battery, meaning the former will run out of juice faster than the lesser battery. People who enjoy vaping on the go consistently throughout the day will be interested in batteries with higher mAh while a person who vapes once or twice during the day will not need to focus on mAh as much.

    5. AMP

    Not as essential as variable voltage output, temperature control, or mAh capacity, AMP simply measures the maximum amount of power a vape battery can take while charging. It is not of the essence to focus on AMP. For the most part, the user only needs to plug in and charge their vape – it is as simple as that.

    6. Safety Features

    As vaping has entered the mainstream safety features have become increasingly advanced and essential to guarantee user safety. A large portion of vapes will power off if left idle for a certain period or to power the vape on a certain pressing sequence must be completed to ensure the vape is not firing when in a bag or pocket. Of course, there are vapes with less advanced safety features where the power button only needs to be pressed once. We recommend you consult your vape manufacturer’s instructions for additional information on battery safety features. 

    7. Vape Cartridge Sensing 

    In addition to standard safety features, some vape batteries can sense your vape cartridge and monitoring it for certain issues. For example, the SteamCloud Box Mod Vape sends users messages for cartridge burnouts, wattage compatibility issues, and more. To elaborate further - if a cartridge is already burned, the user may receive a message. Or, you may receive a warning if you have your battery set to 50 watts and the cartridge can only handle 5 watts. While unessential, these features can save you from harsh vaping experience or unplanned cartridge replacement.

    8. Display screens

    A quality of life feature, display screens are used to relay critical information to users such as wattage, temperature, cartridge warnings, puff counters, and tons more. There are an endless number of vapes with display screens and just as many without. Box mods and other vapes with more user control tend to have display screens in comparison to vape pens with preset temperatures.

    9. Buttons vs Dials or Apps

    A vape’s settings can be adjusted in numerous ways, from buttons to dials and even apps with high-end units. The most basic way of adjustment is with plus and minus buttons or some type of dial. There are a handful of high end vapes on the market that utilize Bluetooth technology, allowing you to control your vaping experience from your smartphone.

    10. Dry Herb, Wax and Oil Vaping

    There are two types of batteries – batteries housed in the vape itself that are not removable and individual batteries that can be removed from the vape. Dry herb vaporizers tend to use all-in-one battery systems where the user plugs in the whole unit to charge. On the other hand, vapes like the SteamCloud EVOD use standalone batteries that can be replaced and charged in a dock or in the unit when plugged in. No type is superior to another. 

    To Sum Up

    To conclude, vape batteries offer tons of variety in terms of power, safety features, input methods, and design. Each vape battery has been designed to fit a certain lifestyle, scenario etc. The most important goal is to find a vape with a battery that aligns with your lifestyle and produces the results you are looking for. It may take some experimentation at first, but we are confident you will find the perfect fit and get vaping as soon as possible!

    Written By: Colby M.

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