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Frequently Asked Questions About Our Vapes

There are so many questions new users ask about vaporizers before they make a purchase. Below are answers to the most common questions asked about each vaporizer product category. 

FAQ About Oil Vapes

1. How do oil vape pens work?

As their name implies, oil vape pen batteries feature thin, elongated shapes, similar to a pen.

At one end of the battery, you can attach a chamber that contains cannabis oil and threads into place. The top portion of the chamber features a mouthpiece, which is where you draw vapor.

Some oil vape pens feature a button that sends voltage to the chamber, produces heat, and generates vapor. Other models feature chipsets that recognize when you draw from the mouthpiece and automatically generate heat.

Eventually, you will need to recharge your oil vape battery, which is usually accomplished via an included USB charger.

2. How can I choose the best oil vape pen?

It is important to keep in mind that vape pens are designed to work best with oils. So, if you prefer other materials, such as waxes and dry herbs, you might consider more powerful vaporizer models. Along these same lines, battery life isn’t a strong point among oil vape pens, if this is important.

Furthermore, oil vape pens rarely offer adjustable voltage and temperature levels, which means you might experience varying performance across different third-party oil cartridge manufacturers.

Together, this means that choosing your best oil vape pen will largely going to come down to your design preferences and budget requirements.

3. How do I recharge and store oil vape pens?

Most oil vape pens feature batteries with capacities lower than 500mAh, which means they typically will not last a long time before needing to be recharged. On the flip side, the good news is that these models tend to recharge fairly quickly, depending on your power source.

When the time comes, simply attach the USB charger—usually by threading to one end of the battery. Most oil vape pen models feature a light, whether on the battery itself or the charger, that illuminates one color while it is charger, and another when charging is complete.

4. What are common pros and cons related to oil vape pens?

Oil vape pen pros:

Potential oil vape pen cons:

FAQ About Oil Cartridges

FAQ About Wax Vape Pens

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FAQ About Combustion Vapes 

FAQ About Convection Vapes 

FAQ About SteamCloud Mini

1. What’s the SteamCloud Mini’s recharge time?

Depending on how often you use your SteamCloud Mini and for how long, you could reasonbly expect its 650mah battery to last all day.

When the time comes, under most circumstances, the SteamCloud Mini vaporizer takes between two to four hours to fully recharge. It is important to remember that this time can vary based on your power source. When the Mini is fully charged, its red light will turn off, indicating that it is ready to use.

2. Which cartridges are compatible with the SteamCloud Mini?

The SteamCloud Mini Vape works with just about any skinny, 510 thread cartridge (0.4, 0.5, 0.8, or 1.0 ml), whether pre-filled oil from a third-party manufacturer or manually loaded with your choice of wax. Then, simply slide your tank or cartridge into the appropriate slot.

The Mini features a magnetic adapter that allows your cartridge to ‘click’ into place against the battery. Its close positioning allows for portability and super discreet use.

There are some cartridges available that allow you to enjoy dry herb, although if this is your goal, we might recommend another device that delivers more bang-for-the-buck.

3. Is the SteamCloud Mini’s voltage or temperature adjustable?

The SteamCloud Mini features fixed voltage and temperature settings, which means they are not adjustable. You simply attach your cartridge, press the front button, and lightly draw from the mouthpiece until you have inhaled a sufficient amount of vapor.

The Mini boasts a 10-second shutoff feature, which helps ensure you achieve maximum enjoyment, without the potential for overheating. Since the vape is designed for oil connoiseurs, you are sure to have an enjoyable experience.

4. What are the SteamCloud Mini’s specifications?

The SteamCloud Mini vaporizer features a 650mAh battery, measures 0.1" x 0.7" x 2.5" inches, weighs less than 100 grams, and works with most 510-threaded oil and wax cartridges. You can find the vaporizer sold here on, as well as many third-party online and storefront retailers.

In each box, you will find one Mini vape pen, two cartridge adapters, a USB charging cable, and one user manual.

FAQ About SteamCloud Mini 2.0 

1. What are the differences between the original SteamCloud Mini & Mini 2.0?

The 2.0 is the upgraded version of the original Mini, which now features variable voltage settings for fine-tuning your vaping experience. Although the Mini 2.0 boasts the same 650mAh battery, this means you can change between three levels (Green = 3.4 volts, Blue = 3.7 volts, Red = 4.0 volts), depending whether you want light puffs or larger clouds. SteamCloud’s Mini 2.0 vaporizer also features a 15-second preheat option, which allows you to draw from a warmed-up cartridge for a thicker, richer vapor.

2. Does the SteamCloud Mini 2.0 feature variable voltage?

Yes. All you need to do is power on your Mini 2.0, enable its preheat option (if desired), and then press the button three times consecutively to switch between its four different power levels:

The higher the voltage, the more power that flows to the atomizer, thereby increasing the temperature generated by the coil. Together, the SteamCloud Mini 2.0 vaporizer helps deliver an optimal vaping experience every time.

3. What are the specs for the SteamCloud Mini 2.0?

The SteamCloud Mini features a 650mAh battery that measures 1.1" x 0.7" x 2.5" and weighs less than 100 grams. At one end of the battery is an 11mm diameter slot opening that accommodates most skinny, 510 threaded oil cartridges—simply screw the cartridge onto the included magnetic adapter and then magnetically connect to the battery.

Once connected, the Mini 2.0 allows you to switch between four voltage levels (1.8V, 3.4V, 3.7V, and 4.0V) by pressing the button three times successively. After pressing the button again to vape, the 2.0’s protection mechanism will automatically shut off after 10 seconds.

4. How do I use the SteamCloud Mini 2.0?

First, you will need to connect a skinny 510 thread cartridge or wax atomizer to an included magnetic adapter, and then attach it to the Mini 2.0’s battery.

Next, press the 2.0’s button five times in quick succession to turn it on. To select different voltage levels, you will press the button again, three times rapidly. If you want, you can then press the power button twice more and activate the 2.0’s preheat function.

Finally, hold the power button to draw vapor from the mouthpiece. After 10 seconds, the Mini 2.0’s safety mechanism will kick in and stop power flowing to the battery.

FAQ About SteamCloud EVOD 

1. What is included with your SteamCloud EVOD?

The SteamCloud EVOD vaporizer features a sleek design and ultra-simple functionality, so there are just three items included in each kit: one vape pen battery, one 510 thread USB charger, and a protective box.

Along with a 510 thread atomizer or chamber (more next), the kit comes with everything you need to begin vaping, without a bunch of extra parts to lose or create a mess. Together, the SteamCloud EVOD vaporizer is an ideal option if you are just getting started.

2. Which cartridges are compatible with the SteamCloud EVOD?

The SteamCloud EVOD’s 900mAh Lithium-ion battery is designed to work with most 510 thread oil cartridges, wax atomizers, and dry herb heating chambers, depending on your vaping preferences.

The EVOD features four variable voltage settings (3.3V, 3.8V, 4.3V, or 4.8V) that you can adjust using a dial at the base of its battery. This allows you to choose the optimal temperature setting for reliable vapor production across a variety of attachment types and sizes every time.

3. How does the SteamCloud EVOD work?

You will start by threading your 510-compatible cartridge, atomizer, or dry herb heating chamber onto the top of the EVOD’s battery. There isn’t a magnetic connection, as with some other SteamCloud vape models.

Turn the battery on by pressing the central power button five times in a row, and then use the twist dial near the base to adjust between four different power outputs and temperature settings:

Finally, hold the EVOD’s power button for several seconds to generate vapor. When you are finished, press the button another five times to power down.

4. How do I recharge my SteamCloud EVOD?

After turning off your EVOD battery and unscrewing any cartridges, atomizers, or dry herb attachments, you will thread the included USB charger onto the battery and plug it into a power source.

Once connected and charging, the EVOD battery will display a red light, which changes to a green light once it is fully charged. It is recommended that you immediately remove, as the battery can overcharge, causing premature degradation.

At this point, you can reattach your cartridge, power on the battery, and enjoy vaping with your EVOD again.

FAQ About SteamCloud Micro

1. Which cartridges can I use with the SteamCloud Micro?

The SteamCloud Micro vaporizer works with all skinny, 510 threaded attachments, whether for oils, waxes, dry herbs, or just about anything else.

It is important to point out that the SteamCloud Micro kit includes one vape battery, a micro USB charger, a protective box, and a user manual, but it does not come with an oil cartridge, wax atomizer, or dry herb heating chamber. This is something you will need to supply, depending on your vaping preferences.

2. Does the SteamCloud Micro’s battery feature adjustable temperature?

Yes. The Micro features a 360mAh battery with a dial at the bottom that allows you to adjust between three different voltage settings:

• 3.2V • 3.7V • 4.0V

The higher the voltage setting you choose, the greater the temperature created inside your cartridge, atomizer, or chamber. As a result, you can customize the volume and density of the vapor you produce, depending on whether you are vaping oils, waxes, or dry herbs.

3. How do I vape with the SteamCloud Micro?

After you have fully charged your SteamCloud Micro battery and attached the appropriate 510 threaded oil cartridge, wax atomizer, or dry herb heating chamber, you can rapidly click the button five times to power on.

With everything attached, you can begin vaping by holding down the Micro’s button (you will see a light illuminate) and drawing from your attachment’s mouthpiece. If you hold the button for 10 seconds, the Micro’s safety feature will kick in and shut off power to prevent overheating.

After you are finished, power down the battery by pressing the button five times. Store in a cool, dry place to maximize its lifespan.

4. Who might the SteamCloud Micro work best for?

As its name might lead you to believe, the SteamCloud Micro features an ultra-compact design that allows you to take it with you just about anywhere you go, whether in a purse, backpack, or pocket. And when you are ready to vape, the shape allows you to do so tactfully.

Together, the SteamCloud Micro vaporizer is ideal for anyone who prefers a model with adjustable voltage and temperature, but without a bulky design that can be complicated to carry and use.

FAQ About SteamCloud Box Mod

1. What are the SteamCloud Box Mod’s specs?

The SteamCloud Box Mod measures 54mm tall x 30mm wide x 22mm deep, with a total weight of 75 grams and a battery capacity of 1600 mAh (max 60W).

The Box Mod’s battery accommodates most standard 510 atomizer attachments, whether for oils, waxes, or dry herbs. Depending on your chosen material and the size of your attachment, you can adjust power output between 1.8 and 6.0 volts, effectively delivering temperatures that range between 200°F and 600°F (100°C and 300°C).

Each SteamCloud Box Mod features an advanced OLED screen for easily viewing your settings.

2. Which safety features does the SteamCloud Box Mod offer?

The SteamCloud Box Mod boasts four different features to help improve the safety of your vaping experience:

3. What is included with my SteamCloud Box Mod?

Each SteamCloud Box Mod includes one vape battery, a USB charging cable, a lanyard necklace for hands-free operation, a user manual, and a protective travel case.

The BOX battery arrives partially charged right out of the box (more next), so it is technically ready to use. However, keep in mind that the base kit does not automatically include attachments for vaping oils, dry herbs, or waxes, which you will need to complete the vaping experience.

4. How does the SteamCloud Box Mod work?

After charging your Box Mod battery, you can screw any 510 threaded attachment onto the node on top of the battery. Make sure that you don’t overtighten your cartridge, which can damage the connections.

Pressing the power button five times rapidly will turn on your Box Mod, and pressing the smaller buttons up or down will allow you to choose between different settings, which are reflected on the OLED screen. Hold the button to create vapor, and then draw from the mouthpiece.

Once you are finished, press the Box Mod’s power button another five times to power down, disconnect attachments, and store in a cool, dry place.

FAQ About SteamCloud Stylus

1. Which attachments are compatible with the SteamCloud Stylus?

As a vape pen, the SteamCloud Stylus is designed to work with most 510-threaded viscous oil cartridges, which screw directly into the top of the battery.

However, based on the level of power it outputs, the Stylus should not be considered an ideal option for vaping other materials, such as thick oils, waxes, or dry herbs. While it may momentarily heat, it more than likely will not produce optimal vapor levels.

2. How does the SteamCloud Stylus work?

After fully charging your SteamCloud Stylus’s battery using the included USB charger, you will need to attach your 510 thread oil cartridge to the top. Make sure that it is fully connected, but not overtightened.

Without a firing button, the Stylus vape pen detects when you are drawing from the mouthpiece and automatically sends the appropriate power level from the battery to the cartridge. A light at the bottom of the vape will illuminate during this time.

When you are finished vaping, remove the oil cartridge and store in a cool, dry place.

3. How can I recharge my SteamCloud Stylus?

When the time comes, you will need to unthread your oil cartridge from the top of the Stylus’s battery, and thread it onto the included USB charger. After plugging the other end of the charger into an outlet, the battery’s light will illuminate red, which will change to green once it is fully charged.

Once this occurs, you can unthread the battery from the charger, re-thread an oil cartridge, and resume vaping with your Stylus pen.

4. Who might the SteamCloud Stylus work best for?

With its 280mAh battery and super-slim design, the SteamCloud Stylus is an ideal vape model for those who emphasize portability and discreetness. And because the Stylus doesn’t feature an external button, it can be perfect if you want the simplest design possible.

Just keep in mind that the Stylus likely won’t generate sufficient power for vaping materials other than viscous oils, and that you can’t adjust voltage to customize your vaporizing experience.

FAQ About Vape Pen

1. Are all vape pens the same?

No. Some vape pens feature firing buttons on the outside, while buttonless models use auto-draw technology to sense when you are taking a puff and send voltage to the attached cartridge.

Along these same lines, some vape pen models offer adjustable voltage for customized temperatures, whereas others do not.

Some vape pens feature 510 threads at the top of the battery, allowing you to directly connect a compatible oil chamber. Others offer magnetic attachments that you must connect to the oil cartridge before hooking up to the battery.

2. What are the different vape pen parts?

Although their specific designs can vary, all vape pens feature two main parts: a battery and a cartridge. The catridge attaches to the battery either directly using 510-threading, or indirectly via a magnetic mounting mechanism.

Activating the vape pen’s battery is handled either by pressing a button on the battery’s exterior, or simply by drawing from the cartridge’s mouthpiece (known as ‘auto-draw’ technology). This sends voltage to the cartridge, heats the oil inside, and generates vapor.

3. How many puffs does a vape pen deliver?

Although this is a simple question, there are many different factors that can impact the number of puffs provided by your vape pen.

The biggest factor relating to the number of puffs provided by your vape pen is the size of the attached cartridge, which are typically available in 0.5 or 1-gram quantities. In general, you might expect 75-150 puffs from a 0.5-gram cartridge, or from 150-300 puffs from a 1-gram cartridge.

The answer becomes more complex when asking how many puffs your vape pen’s battery can deliver per charge. Here, its capacity, which is measure in milliamps (mAh), and the voltage delivered, are the biggest components.

4. How can you recharge your vape pen’s battery?

Regardless of your vape pen battery’s capacity, if you use it enough, there will eventually come a time when it needs to be recharged. And just like any other aspect, exactly how you will accomplish this depends on the specific model.

With these details in mind, most SteamCloud vape pens re-up using an included USB charger. Here, one end will thread onto your vaporizer’s battery for a secure connection, and the other attaches to any standard USB port.

FAQ About Box Mod Vape

1. What is the difference between a box mod and a vape pen?

Box mods and vape pens share many similarities: they both feature batteries, 510-threaded oil cartridge connections, and the ability to send voltage from the battery to the cartridge, generate heat, and produce vapor.

The differences between box mods and vape pens largely comes down to their size, power, and versatility. Box mods are typically meaningfully more power than vape pens, and generally offer much greater adjustability via different voltage and resistance levels.

However, this also means that box mods are larger and sometimes less discreet than many vape pens.

2. What are some box mod vape pros and cons?

Box mod vape pros:

Box mod vape cons:

3. Which cartridges are compatible with box mod vapes?

When it comes to customization, box mod vapes don’t only allow you to adjust voltage and resistance levels—you can also connect most 510 thread attachments to accommodate different materials.

Therefore, whether you prefer vaporizing oils, waxes, or dry herb, you simply need to unthread one cartridge, atomizer, or heating chamber from your box mod vape’s battery, and thread on another. Then, once you dial in your voltage preferences, you can achieve big, thick vapor clouds.

4. How can you choose your best box mod?

Everyone is different, but if you are new to the world of box mods, you might want to start with budget when deciding which one to buy. Box mod vapes are available across a wide variety of price ranges from less than $50 to well over $300.

Once you have established a budget, you can select your ideal box mod characteristics, including features like adjustable voltage and resistance, the presence of an OLED screen, size, button placement, and so forth.

Finally, you will want to choose a box mod vape model that can accommodate the material you would like to vape, whether oil cartridges, wax atomizers, or dry herb chambers.

FAQ About Vape Cartridges

1. What is a vape cartridge?

Vape cartridges are clear containers than generally come pre-filled with oils, although some models arrive empty and allow you to add the material of your choice.

Vape cartridges typically attach to a battery via a 510 thread connection, which sends voltage to an atomizer inside the cartridge. This voltage raises the temperature inside the cartridge, which turns the oil into an aerosol vapor that can be inhaled through the attached mouthpiece.

2. Do all vape cartridges work with all vape batteries?

The short answer is no. However, most vape cartridges feature male 510-threaded connections, which attach to a female insert on the top of the vaporizer’s battery, thereby allowing most cartridges to work with most batteries.

In some instances, though, different vape models feature a magnetic connection that you must first attach to your cartridge’s 510 threading, which then snapes into place after connecting to your vaporizer’s battery. They will not work, otherwise.

3. How many puffs can a vape cartridge provide?

The number of puffs your vape cartridge is capable of providing primarily hinges on its size. In general, vape cartridges come in 0.5 and 1-gram volumes, although this can vary depending on the manufacturer.

Another important factor is the material contained inside the cartridge. Oils tend to vaporize faster than thicker substances like waxes, although they also typically leave behind less residue.

With all of these details in mind, you should be able to get between 150 and 300 puffs from a 1-gram oil vape cartridge.

4. Can you clean and refill your vape cartridges?

Some vape cartridge models feature tanks with built-in coil and wicking systems that allows you to refill them once they are empty. Simply open the top, add your e-juice, whether nicotine, CBD, or THC-based, and enjoy.

Just keep in mind that it is always a good idea to clean the inside of your cartridge before refilling it, using Rubbing alcohol and a Q-Tip to access all the narrow spots where residue can hide and gunk-up your vaporizer’s functionality.

FAQ About Vaping

1. How does vaping work?

After attaching a cartridge to a battery and pressing a button, the battery sends power to an atomizer inside the cartridge, which heats up. Upon reaching the appropriate temperature, the oil or other material inside the cartridge turns into vapor, which you can then inhale via a mouthpiece at the other end of the cartridge.

Upon releasing the battery’s button, the power stops flowing and the temperature decreases, returning the interior of the cartridge to its normal state.

2. Is vaping safer than smoking?

While more research needs to be conducted to confirm whether or not vaping is safer than smoking, the fact is that because no combustion takes place, vaping has been shown to generate less particulate matter and fewer carcinogens.

Furthermore, because combustion doesn’t occur, vapor typically carries much less of an odor than traditional smoke, and also dissipates meaningfully faster. You also won’t have to worry about vapor discoloring furnishings or other interior items.

3. Can vaping help me quit smoking?

While there is no way to know whether or not vaping will help you quit smoking, the reality is that many people have successfully ceased their habit with the help of vaporizers. Furthermore, there is increasing clinical evidence that e-cigarette-type vaporizers can increase the odds of quitting actual cigarettes.

Keep in mind that many other factors enter the equation when trying to quit smoking, including your level of motivation, the amount of effort you put into the process, and the level of support received from friends and family.

4. Can I enjoy vaping anywhere?

No. While the specific laws can vary by state, municipality, and city, the general rule of thumb is that you cannot vape anywhere that you cannot also smoke.

This means that you can typically vape in the majority of public places around the US, as long as you are not within a certain distance of a doorway or other public entrance.

Still, it is never a good idea to assume, so if you are unsure, ask if you can vape in a specific area.