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What is an Oil Vape Pen?

February 20, 2019 0 Comments

Oil Vape Pen 101

What is an Oil Vape Pen?

The smoking scene has been revolutionized with technology the past few years. The rise of e-cigarettes has made it easier and less cumbersome to smoke. Oil vape pens are relatively new to the market. The pen was patented in 2003 for cigarettes to go electronic and the technology was adapted across the board for vaping all sorts of products. Vape pens are an easy, portable, and many times discreet way to enjoy yourself.

Each oil vape pen is different, and in the broadest sense, the term Oil Vape Pen covers a wide variety of vaporizers that exist for use with oil, and even wax or dry herbs. In choosing the pen that you want, you’ll need to examine the types of oils that you will be using in order to get the best vaping experience.

Oil vaporizing pens are electronics that are designed to heat the herbal oil or liquid and turn it into vapor, allowing you smoke it. The size and design for these pens differ. They can be large or small, brightly colored or a chic black, and they can be cigarette styled of folded in. the voltage varies as does the price. They can include a display screen or just a button. Many are turned on by clicking five times, but they also operate differently. Researching the various types of oil pens to make sure the one you choose to buy fits your price range, style, and smoking needs is important. 

Operating the Vape Pen

Operating the Vape Pen

While different models of vaporizers are operated in various fashions, for the most part the general way to use it is the same. Here, we will go over the general steps to use your oil vape pen. Keep in mind that you should always consult the user manual for exact instructions, as models may differ.

Most oil vaporizing pens are straightforward and easy for users. Generally, you can turn the oil pen on by clicking the button five times.  Next you simply press the power button to activate the battery and heat the oil cartridge that is attached to the vape pen battery.

Types Of Oil Vape Pens

Oil vape pens are broken up into multiple categories, and below we are going to break out some of the general oil vape categories, along with their accompanying features. This can serve as insight for vape pen research as you come across them, making using them or deciding whether to purchase an even easier decision. 

Simple Vape Pens

These oil vape pens are the most basic design and the easiest to use. For new users or those who do not want any hassles or decisions when vaping (such as what voltage to choose), this is a great pen. The simple vape pen comes with one power button and one setting for voltage aka power output setting for vaporizing the oil. The voltage cannot be adjusted manually with any press of the button or dial twist, just one setting. However, you can still manipulate the heat of the cartridge coil to a certain extent - With a basic oil vape pen, the only way to adjust the heat on the oil is by holding or not holding the power button down for a certain amount of time. You can usually hear or feel the oil heating up in the pen and can use that as an indicator of when the oil is ready for vaping or not.

Variable Voltage Oil Vapes

As the popularity grows so does innovation, and it led for evolution within oil vape pens. Basic batteries can also now be found with variable voltage controls to control the vaping experience. This allows you to have more decision in the voltage out when you are using your oils. It allows you to maximize your herbal vaporizing. There are many different oils that you can use with your vape pen, and each of these oils burn differently. The taste of the herbal oil is accentuated at a peak temperature, so being able to control the voltage is ideal for that opportunity.  On variable voltage vape pens, you can adjust the heat setting with a dial or by pressing the power button a certain amount of times. Many times, the color of the button will change color based on the voltage that it is reaching. The pen is still easy to use and as you purchase different oil cartridges for the pen, it is easily discoverable what voltage works best to heat.

Pre-Heat Coil Primer Oil Vapes

Much like the variable voltage oil vaporizing pens, the pre-heat coil primer oil vapes have similar features in that you can control the temperature of the pen for the sake of breaking in a brand new oil cartridge.  These vapes have a setting that will pre-heat the cartridge coil at a very low voltage.  This can be used at any point, but the main use is to prime the coil, and the priming lets the coil get gradually hot at a low level, and that will help break in a brand new cartridge. The difference here is that the coil does not get hot right away at a fast rate with a ton of power. The pre-heat coil is a rarer feature on the oil vape pen, but it is still user friendly and just provides a different heating technique for the pen.

Button-Less Oil Vapes

The button-less oil vaporizing pens are one of the easiest pens to use. They are simpler than the simple vaporizer pen, however their design can be misleading and slightly confusing in the beginning for the user. These oil vaporizers have no button that you need to click on or press to pull. Instead, all you have to do is pull and the battery will activate, heating up the herbal oil for you to vape. This is a popular model because it is so easy to use and does not require any button clicking or temperature adjustment. For a low-maintenance oil vaporizing pen and experience, the button-less oil vape pens are a great choice.  The downside is that the vape itself will eventually need replacing more often than other, larger vape battery options.

Box Mod Vapes

Box mod vapes are an oil vaporizer, but are a different design entirely than other vaporizing pens. It is, as the name hints at, a box-like shape with the pen part on top. The box mod is a heavier duty vape battery and therefore lasts a longer time, which is great for the user in that you do not have to charge very often. Box mods are powerful vaporizer batteries. They give you complete control over the temperature and have various functions.  Some box mods can automatically adjust to the proper wattage for the attached cartridge, and have most have temperature protections to help avoid coil burnouts.  Most mods are compatible with skinny, 510 oil cartridges along with any other 510 coil attachment, making it a good choice if you want flexibility in your vaping – and that means the mods work with not only oils, but herb, wax, and liquid too. If you want a well-rounded option for your vaporizing needs, the box mod vape can be the perfect vaping product for you.  Check them out and enjoy display screens that give you information such as the voltage, temperature, battery life and more so that you can use and control your box mod in good practice.

Choosing the Right Vape Temperature

Choosing the right temperature for your oil vape

We have briefly touched upon how different herbal oils have different ideal temperatures. The components of each oil and the the components of it means that different temperatures will bring out different facets of the various oils, thus leading to different tastes.  The cartridge itself and the amount of energy sent to the cartridge will also have a direct impact on the vaping experience.

We have also touched upon various oil vape pen models. While some of them only have one temperature setting, others do not. In cases where the pen has multiple temperature settings, you as the vaporizer can experiment with which temperature works best for the oil that you are using so that you have the best vaporizing experience possible. The varying temperatures allow for different sized hits, and that is something you can play around with and change based on a cartridge by cartridge basis and the vaping experience you would like. In a situation where you can control the temperature in your oil vaporizing pen, it is always recommended to start at the lowest heat setting. This allows you to slowly build up the heat and power and see what happens at each level. Working your way up will insure that you will not burn out the coil or burn the oil. You can easily go down to a lower setting or realize when it getting too hot, instead of starting out at a high temperature and it being more difficult to go back.

Using an Oil Vape Pen with Dry Herb and Wax Cartridges

Using an Oil Vape Pen with Dry Herb and Wax Cartridges

Oil vaporizers can be simple or versatile, depending on the model that you get. Some of them are compatible with dry herb cartridges and wax cartridges as well. Oil vapes are essentially batteries and as a result, some of them may be compatible with other 510 atomizers outside of the oil atomizers. The simpler oil vapes such as the stylus cannot handle anything other then the skinnier cartridges. The box mod vaporizer, on the other hand, can handle anything in so far as cartridges. As we mentioned before, the box mod is the more flexible vaporizer in its ability to be compatible with other cartridges and may be the best product if you find yourself vaporizing oil, herbs, and wax. The Mini 2.0 is more versatile than the stylus, but not as much as the box mod.  The Mini 2.0 can fit skinny, 510 cartridges for oil and wax. The EVOD can handle all cartridges just like the box mod, but it is not as powerful. These are all things to take into consideration as you evaluate your vape needs.

Tips for Using an Oil Vape Pen

Tips for Using an Oil Vape Pen

Here, we will go through some tips for using your oil vape pen so that you have the best experience possible and your pen lasts as long as it can. 

Keep The Vape Pen Or At Least The Cartridge Upright

Keeping the vape pen or the cartridge upright will minimize oil loss and leaking. Oil loss and leaking is something you never want to happen because you end up losing precious product that you have purchased and want to enjoy. Always make sure to therefor keep the cartridge upright at the very least, and if you can, keep the pen upright as well.

Start At The Lowest Voltage Setting

As we have touched on before, starting at the lowest voltage setting allows you to test out the various temperatures and figure out which is the best one for your vaporizing needs. With the box mods especially, it is wise to start at the lowest setting and work your way up. This is the best way to avoid burning out a coil and get the best flavors from your oil.

Big Vapor Clouds

When you take a pull from your vaporizer, you can get different sized vapor clouds, and the temperature will have an effect on that as well. The more power a vaporizer has, the bigger the cloud capabilities. A box mod has the most power and therefore can have the biggest clouds, but you have to make sure to not go too high. Doing so will burn out the coil. For vapes with a single setting, you can puff continuously and get the coil hotter that way for a bigger cloud.

Best Taste

Temperature is crucial to getting the best taste out of your nicotine e-liquids and other oils. There are some tasty options out there from companies like Mech Sauce e-liquids. While you may want big vapor clouds and higher temperatures for that, remember that those higher temperatures can be harsh on the oil itself. Higher temperatures can not only burn your oil but effect the taste.

    Charging an Oil Vape

    Charging your oil vape pen is an important part in maintaining the product and its longevity. Each pen has different charge times depending on the battery. Be sure to check your user manual for charging time. It is always best to use the charger included and to not only not overcharge your pen, but not leave it plugged in overnight. This can decrease the longevity of the battery. 

    Maintenance/Cleaning oil vapes

    Oil vape pens typically do not require much cleaning at all other than a general wipe down of the exterior. NEVER subject the vape to water outside of a wipe down with a gently-damp cloth.

    Troubleshooting an Oil Vape Pen

    Troubleshooting is a very niche area for a product such as an oil vape pen. The exact troubleshooting comes down to the vaporizer that you are using. Make sure you are operating it correctly, and charging it as well. You can always refer to the user manual with any other questions, or the product site. It is always a good idea to have a second vape and oil cartridge on hand in case one or the other burns out and can no longer be used for one reason or another.

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