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How To Fix An Oil Vape Cartridge?

June 30, 2020 0 Comments

OIl vape cartridge

One of the worst feelings in the world is getting ready to vape a new or lightly used oil vape cartridge and realizing it will not work. You may be used to just throwing them away and trying something new, but you may be surprised to hear that many problems with oil vape cartridges can be resolved in the comfort of your own home! Even if it first appears that the cartridge is the issue, there are many problems that could actually be preventing your oil vape cartridge from working properly. Take a look below for some common troubleshooting questions you can ask yourself to make sure you get to the root of the problem.

Oil Vape Cartridge Troubleshooting Questions

Do the vape and cartridge connect properly?

It is possible that your vape cartridge is not compatible with the particular vape you are using. Make sure that the cartridge is able to screw all the way into the vape battery. Even if it does, the battery contacts may be too deep for the cartridge to reach. This is not the most common problem, but it is something to keep in mind if you have a problem with a cartridge you have never used before.


    Is The Vape Cartridge Clogged?

    In a cartridge, vapor follows a narrow vapor path to the exit in the mouthpiece. It is not uncommon for the vapor path in the cartridge to get clogged. Warming up the cartridge or ripping the power button can help loosen harden particulate and allow vapor to travel freely. If you are unable to pull vapor but see it leaking from the sides of the cartridge, then the problem is absolutely a clogged vapor path.

    Is The Vape Battery Charged And Powered On?

    If your vape cartridge is not heating, make sure that your vape battery is on. Most vape batteries will show a green or blue light to indicate that the power is on. If it will not turn on, make sure to plug the battery in and charge it. A blinking red light usually indicates that the battery is successfully charging. For further troubleshooting with your vape cartridge, you can unscrew it and screw it back into the battery or try using it in a different vape battery if available.


      Does The Vape Battery Provide Enough Power?

      Some cartridges require a higher level of power to properly heat and produce vapor. If your vape battery has variable heating options, trying using a higher temperature setting to see if that helps the cartridge to produce vapor. 

      Have You Given The Vapor Time To Form?

      Usually, an oil vape will produce vapor immediately once powered on. However, this is not always the case, especially if using a large vape tank or if you are vaping in an especially cold environment. If the vape battery indicates that the power is on, make sure you give a few extra seconds for vapor to form.

      Were You Expecting Smoke?

      The production of vapor and smoke are very different, so if you are an experienced smoker vaping for the first time, you may be surprised by some of the differences. At low settings, vapor can be very difficult to see. If you prefer to have thicker clouds of vapor, you will want to vape at a higher temperature setting. However, this can reduce some of the flavor notes you can taste at lower temperatures, and the thickness of a vapor cloud still will not compare to a thick smoke cloud.

      Are You Using A Wick-Based Or Ceramic-Based Vape Cartridge?

      Wick-based vape cartridges will work better with thinner oils, but if used incorrectly can be permanently damaged. Ceramic-based cartridges are ideal for thicker oils. Each of these kinds of vapor atomizers requires different power levels and provide different vaping experiences. If you are using prefilled cartridges, this likely is not your issue. However, if you are using a new kind of oil in a refillable oil tank, consider that this may be part of your problem.

        Reasons a Cartridge Burns Out

        There are several reasons that a cartridge might be the culprit and burn out. If any of the following scenarios apply to you, your vape cartridge might just be burnt out.

        Too Much Power Being Sent To The Cartridge.

        This is one of the most common reasons that a vape cartridge burns out. This is why we always recommend using the lowest temperature setting when using a new vape cartridge or tank and working your way up to an ideal temperature. Not only does this allow you to experience different vaping experience but it also reduces the likelihood of damaging the cartridge.


          Heavy-Use Of The Power Button

          Pressing the power button for too long and too often can also damage a cartridge. Many vape batteries have safety-shutoff features that only allow you to press the power button for a few seconds at a time. In general, it is a good idea to only press the power button when actively trying to vape and to make sure that you give your battery and heating elements time to rest after heavy vaping sessions.

          Old Age

          If you have used a vape cartridge or tank for a long time, it could just be that the heating elements have worn out. If you have had the cartridge for some time, it may just be time to buy a new one. 

          Manufacturing Defects And Quality Issues

          Sometimes, you end up with a cartridge that is just a lemon. Maybe there was a defect in the manufacturing, or it possible you have gotten ahold of a low-quality brand. Many vape oil retailers and manufacturers offer warranties on defective products. If you have a cartridge that burns out really quickly, reach out to where you bought it to see if they support warranty exchanges or sales guarantees.

            Determining the Fate and Fixing an Oil Cartridge

            After following the above troubleshooting steps, you should have been able to narrow down what is causing your problem. If you have determined that the vape battery is in normal working order and the vape cartridge is the problem, you will be looking at fixing or replacing the vape cartridge. If you are using a larger or higher-end cartridge or vape tank, then you may be able to replace the heating element without needing to replace the entire device. However, most vape cartridges and tanks cannot be fixed. Most having a heating element that is builtin and cannot be removed or replaced.

            If you determine that the vaping cartridge is dead and gone, you can usually salvage the oil out of the cartridge or tank before disposing of it. The exception to this is a prefilled cartridge, which may not offer easy access to the oil inside.

            How to Transfer Oil from a Vape Cartridge

            Exactly how you transfer oil from a vape cartridge will vary depending on the specific kind of cartridge or tank you have. Here are some general steps you can follow:

            If Removing Oil from a Refillable Cartridge

            If you were already using a refillable cartridge or tank, the process is very simple. Use a syringe to remove the oil from the same location that you originally filled it. You may need to tip and move the cartridge to get access to all the oil inside. Once removed, use the same syringe to fill your new refillable tank.

            If Removing Oil from a Prefilled Cartridge

            This process is a bit more tricky. Between the mouthpiece and the oil storage, you will usually see a metal piece that goes all the way around the body. This is the seal that keeps the two parts together. Using a small, flat instrument, carefully work and wiggle that metal seal off. Once removed, take the mouthpiece off. This should remove the entire top of the vape cartridge, revealing the oil inside. Then, use a syringe to remove the oil and the same syringe to fill an available refillable tank.

            Where to Buy Oil Cartridge

            Oil cartridges are very common to find. You can find them in vape shops, head shops, CBD stores, and gas stations. Local retail selection is usually decent, but if you want the best selection you should look to online stores. That includes right here at, where you can always expect FREE SHIPPING with NO MINIMUM PURCHASE REQUIRED. Whether you need one oil cartridge or a dozen, we would be happy to get your vaping needs met!

            Written By: Matthew H.

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