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How to Use a Temperature Control Vape Pen?

July 11, 2020 0 Comments

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Regardless of whether you are a total novice or experienced veteran, there are multiple features to consider when shopping for a vape pen. One feature can have a huge impact on the vaping experience as a whole – temperature control. If you enjoy luscious clouds of vapor, potent hits, and huge rips then temperature control is a must have. Conversely, there are plenty of users who could not care less about advanced temperature controls and would rather get straight to vaping instead of fine tuning their experience. There is no ‘right way’ to go about it when purchasing a vape pen with temperature control. It is purely subjective.

How to Control the Temperature on any Vape Pen?

Before we get to the different steps for changing temperature, it is important to establish whether your vape pen has temperature control. Indeed, not all vape pens offer temperature control for their users to keep things simple. If a vape does offer temperature control, temperature can be adjusted in multiple ways. In general, temperature can be adjusted with buttons, dials, touch screens, or even power button sequences. It is also important to note that the degree of temperature control will depend on the vape. For example, there are tons of vape pens that allows users to cycle through different preset temperatures. In comparison, plenty of vapes allow users to fine tune their experience with single degree temperature control. We will add that one type of temperature control is not superior to another - it all is based on personal preference.

What Is The Best Vaping Temperature?

In the case of vaping temperatures, the story is much the same as temperature control – there is not a ‘best temperature.’ Rather, the materials you are vaping will directly influence the vaping temperature. For example, e-liquids require higher temperatures, or one runs the risk of not vaporizing them properly leading to a tasteless, lackluster experience. Temperature will also depend on your own vaping goals. Do you prefer big, voluminous clouds packed with flavor? Or is a lowkey, smooth experience more of what you are looking for? In general, higher temperatures are required for larger clouds, but high temperature vapor may be too hot or harsh for certain users. In that case, lower temperatures and smooth inhales may be the better fit. Do keep in mind that adjusting vaping temperature is entirely dependent on the capabilities of your vaporizer. If you are interested in adjusting your vape’s temperatures, we recommend you consult your vape’s user instructions.

Best Temperature to Vape Oil and E Liquids

E-liquids and Oil have become synonymous with vaping, and for good reason. It is this material-type that put vaping on the map in the first place. While e-juices can be vaporized at relatively low temperatures, 212°F, it is not recommended. The optimal temperature to be vaping e-juices is around 300°F. This is the case for a couple of reasons. Firstly, temperatures below 300°F lead to lackluster vapor that is weak and bland. Conversely, going above 450°F is equally unadvisable since vapor loses its flavor and becomes harsh at higher temperatures. If your vape offers temperature control or variable voltage, we recommend you experiment with different temperatures to find which one best fits your preferences and strikes a balance between flavor and potency.

Best Temperature for Vaping Dry Herbs

In comparison to wax, oils, and e-juices, vaping dry herbs is an entirely unique experience and optimal temperatures will widely vary. It is recommended to avoid vaping dry herbs below 325°F, since low temperatures fail to activate and vaporize certain ingredients in herb. If you are interested in a smooth, cool, and flavorful vaping experience, it is recommended to stay between 325°F-350°F. Vaping within this range is optimal for newer users who want to avoid maximum potency and take things slow.

The next temperature range for vaping dry herbs is between 350°F-400°F, which is the best balance between potency and flavor. At this temperature users can still experience great flavor but with added potency. If potency is your primary goal, then you may want to vape your herbs between 400°F-420°F. That said, flavor begins to disappear quickly at higher temperatures. Also, the method of heating and vaporization depends on the vape itself, there is standard combustion and newer convection heating. With combustion direct heat is applied to the herb while through convection heat is indirectly applied, like an oven. At the end of the day, choosing a temperature for your dry herbs is purely personal.

Best Temperature to Vape Wax

It is recommended to vape wax between 315°F and 450°F. Temperature below 315°F are incapable of vaporizing wax, so it is important to stay at this minimum. Vaping wax at higher temperatures, say 420°F or higher, offers greater potency while flavor is sacrificed. Conversely, lower temperatures may be less potent but produce unreal flavor. In all, vaping wax is a balance and it is up to users to decide what aspects of the experience they value most. Keeping to temperatures in the middle of this range will strike the best balance between potency and flavor.

Benefits of Temperature Control Vape Pens

So, why all the fuss with temperature control? Is it really that important? It depends on the user for the most part. There are tons of folks out there who enjoy fine-tuning their experience within exact parameters to achieve the best balance between potency, flavor, and harshness. In other words, whether temperature control is a ‘must have’ depends entirely on personal preference. For casual users, preset temperatures that they can cycle through is more than enough. More experienced users may emphasize single degree temperature control instead of presets.

Temperature Control Vape Guide Tips

Although the various aspects of temperature control depend on the preferences of the user, there are a few universal tips one should keep in mind:

1. Start Vaping At Lower Temperatures

Begin vaping at the lowest advisable temperature and use that as a reference point for any temperature changes. If you enjoy the smooth, flavorful nature of vaping at lower temperatures, it is advised to avoid the higher range of temperatures. On the other hand, if you feel that your experience lacks potency, try vaping at higher temperatures within the recommended range.

2. Higher Temperatures Will Provide Stronger Hits

In general, lower temperatures equal smoother puffs with robust flavor while higher temperatures equal greater potency but sacrifice flavor.

3. Higher Temperatures Create Larger Clouds of Vapor

Setting your vape to higher temperatures will produce larger clouds of vapor and make the vapor itself hotter. If you are sensitive to higher temperature vapor, then it is best to avoid vaping at this level of temperature.

4. Always Keep An Eye On The Battery Level

If you find that your vaporizer is inadequately vaporizing your e-juices, wax, or dry herbs, check the battery level of your vape to ensure it is fully charged. A battery that is drained may struggle to consistently reach the temperature you need.

    Variable Voltage Vape Pen vs Temperature Control Vape

    It is understandable that newer users find the terminology to be confusing. What exactly is the difference between variable voltage and temperature control? It turns out that they are used interchangeably and use different units of measurement, i.e. watts versus degrees. Thus, vape pens set to higher wattages will produce more power which equates to larger clouds, increased potency, etc. The same goes for temperature control. Whether a vaporizer uses watts or degrees is entirely dependent on the vape itself.

    Cool Vapes with Temperature Control

    Now that we have discussed the ins and outs of temperature control, lets quickly discuss a handful of vaporizers with varying degrees of temperature control to give you a point of reference when shopping for a vape.

    SteamCloud Box Mod

    SteamCloud’s Box Mod vaporizer offers users full temperature control between 200°F-600°F and universally fits all 510 thread cartridges for wax, oils, as well as dry herbs. A vape of this kind will not be as sleek as a standard vape pen. That said, box mods tend to offer the greatest amount of customizability settings wise. Note that this vape uses temperature control instead of voltage control.

    SteamCloud EVOD

    Another offering from SteamCloud, the EVOD Oil Vape Pen is both sleek and simple to use with its variable voltage that can be changed by twisting the unit instead of pressing a button. Also, the EVOD is compatible with skinny 510 thread cartridges for wax, oils, and dry herbs. If a bulkier box mod and full customization is not your goal, then the EVOD is an excellent choice.

    SteamCloud Mini 2.0

    The SteamCloud Mini 2.0 takes benefits of a box mod and makes them more compact and sleeker. This vape offers three variable voltages - 3.4V, 3.7V, and 4.0V. The various voltages allow users to fine tune their experience and strike a balance between potency and flavor as we have widely discussed in this article. You can use wax, oils, and dry herbs with the Mini 2.0 as well.

      To Sum It Up

      Admittedly, the information in this article can be a lot to take in. From acceptable temperature for wax to wattage versus degrees, it is understandable if one still feels slightly confused. To recap – variable voltage, or wattage, is simply another way of measuring a vape’s power. The same goes for temperature control. When purchasing a vape, consider the experience you are looking for. Does potency matter more than flavor? How important is full temperature control versus presets? These are the types of questions we recommend you ask yourself. At the end of the day, deciding upon a vape will come down to the preferences of the user, no one else.

      Written By: Colby M.

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