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Can You Orally Take Vape Oil?

October 07, 2020 0 Comments

Mouth Open With Vape Oil In It

After you have been vaping for a while, you may start to get curious about your favorite vape oil or e-juice. After all, if the vapor tastes so good, maybe the liquid form will taste even better! Before you jump into conducting taste experiments, you should be aware of the potential health risks of consuming vape oils and e-juices.

Can You Eat or Consume Vape Oil?

You technically can, but you should not. The main components in vape oils will either be propylene glycol or vegetable glycerin, both of which are safe to consume. However, just because it is safe does not mean you will have a great experience drinking oil that is meant to be vaped.

The best-case scenario is that your e-juice contains no nicotine, so you end up having a really gross experience and maybe upsetting your stomach. If you are looking for a wonderful flavor experience or getting the most out of your vape oil, you should always stick to vaping it.

If your vape oil or e-juice contains nicotine, drinking it will present a significant health risk.

Person Taking Drops of Vape Juice

YES. Remember that vape oils have concentrated amounts of nicotine that helps a cartridge to replace a pack or a box of cigarettes. While you would have a hard time making yourself sick from trying to puff your way through an entire tank of vape oil, drinking it is another matter entirely.

Research suggests that anywhere between 30mg to 60mg of nicotine is enough to kill or cause serious bodily harm to an adult. This is highly dependent on the size of the person in question, so a lethal dose could potentially be even lower. It is not uncommon to have bottles of e-liquid with 24mL of nicotine or more, which means ingesting the entire bottle at once could actually kill an adult.

Even if you do not take a lethal dose, ingesting too much nicotine at once can still make you sick. Your heart can race, you can get nauseous and light-headed, as well as a litany of other symptoms. Nicotine can also cause permanent heart damage, even if you do not die. 

Sounds awful, right? You probably want to avoid nicotine poisoning, and it is easy to avoid! Simply do not drink vape oil

Can I Get Nicotine Poisoning from Vaping Oil?

As we mentioned, the risk of nicotine poisoning from using vape oils as intended is extremely low. You would need to be purposefully powering through a bottle of high-level nicotine e-juice and ignoring painful symptoms before you caused yourself physical harm through vaping. This is especially true of those transitioning from cigarettes to vaping since they will already have a high tolerance to nicotine.

If you are concerned about not getting sick while vaping, all you need to do is listen to your body. Take your time vaping, enjoy the flavors, and if you start to feel light-headed, then put the vape down! As we have said, there are plenty of physical signs you have to ignore before you make yourself sick on nicotine.


Vaping oils or e-juices is relatively safe, just as long as you buy from trusted brands or retailers. Never consume oil that is meant to be vaped, do not vape oil meant to be consumed, and never use vape cartridges sold from black market sources. Follow the usage recommendations from your retailer or preferred brands, and you will be set for an enjoyable, safe, vaping experience!

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