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What Does The Resistance on a Box Mod Mean?

October 08, 2020 0 Comments

SteamCloud Box Mod Vaporizer with Electric Symbols Graphics in Blue

The primary draw box mods offer is their powerful and varied features. Be it a powerful and removable battery, variable wattage, and a selection of screen displays, those who are serious about oil vaping are naturally drawn to a box mod’s full suite of features. However, with the addition of more features comes increasing technical questions. One of the most common questions we get about box mods is “what does the resistance on a box mod mean?”

Let’s find out!

What Does the Resistance on a Box Mod Mean?

Resistance refers to how easy or how difficult it is for power to flow from your vape battery to the oil tank or cartridge you are using. The higher the resistance, the more difficult it will be for your battery to provide power to your oil vape tank. The lower the resistance, the easier it is for power to flow, which will allow your oil tank to heat much more easily.

How Can I Find My Box Mod’s Resistance?

Resistance is measured in ohms, and the ohms of your resistance that your box mod provides will be listed in the user manual or the technical specifications on the manufacturer’s site. For example, if you look at the product page for the SteamCloud Box Mod, you will see the resistance listed as 0.15 - 2.5ohm. If you see a range, that means the resistance can be adjusted to best fit an oil tank you want to use.

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Should I Vape at High or Low Resistances?

Assuming your box mod and oil tank have compatible resistances, there is not a “wrong amount” of resistance to vape at. Vaping at low or high resistance has its pros and cons.

Pros and Cons of High Resistance Vaping

If you are vaping at a high resistance, that means it will be challenging for electricity to flow from your box mod to your oil vape tank. This will make it harder for your oil tank to reach higher temperatures, which means you will produce less vapor. However, the vapor your do produce will be cool and tasty. Vaping at a high resistance also extends the life of your battery (since less power is being drawn), and it extends the life of your atomizer (since less power is flowing in at one time).

Pros and Cons of Low Resistance Vaping

If you decide to vape at a low resistance, power will easily flow from your battery to your oil tank. This means that your atomizer will get much hotter much faster, allowing you to produce large clouds of vapor. However, so much power flowing at one time will put a strain on your battery, causing it to deplete quickly. It will also strain your atomizer and will shorten the overall lifespan of your oil tank.

Sub-Ohm Vaping

In years past, sub-ohm vaping was a technical feat pursued by those with the best understanding of mechanical box mods. Users would manually tinker with the inside workings of their box mod to allow power to flow at a sub-ohm level (or at a resistance rating of less than 1.0ohm). The result was a huge surge of power to your atomizer which produces enormous vape clouds at once, though it came with significant risks. Electric shorts were common, and it was easy to ruin your box mod, vape tank, or both if your settings were exactly right.

Nowadays, box mods and vape tanks that are specifically designed for sub-ohm vaping are readily available on the market (for example, the SteamCloud Box Mod has a preset feature of allowing for less than 1.0ohm of resistance). If your number one concern is to produce big, thick vape clouds, sub-ohm vaping is the way to go! However, be prepared for batteries that quickly die, atomizers that quickly burn out, and vape oil that is quickly exhausted.

SteamCloud Box Mod Vape with Case and Three Boxes of Vape Cartridges

What Resistance Should My Box Mod Be Set At?

For the most part, leaving your box mod at the factory setting of resistance will allow you to use most oil vape tanks. Most will be set in the 2.0ohm range, and most users will find they do not need to adjust this setting often. However, if you are having a hard time getting vapor produced from your vape, even when increasing the voltage, you may need to lower the resistance to get a good puff! >

As you get more complicated box mods and higher-end oil vape tanks, you will begin to notice and play with the resistance settings more and more. Be sure to read the manufacturer’s instructions on the best way to operate your box mod at variable resistance settings!

Written by:  Matthew Hickman

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