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What Is The Best Box Mod?

October 07, 2020 0 Comments

Three Different Brands of Box Mod Vapes

If you are serious about oil vaping, you will eventually become interested in box mods. They provide the same basic features that an oil pen might, but box mods provide features that allow for precise customization of the oil vaping experience. In short, they are the end game for hardcore vaping enthusiasts.

Though box mods provide access to incredible features, not all box mods provide the same kind of access to the same kind of features. Many box mods also come with an intimidating price tag, which makes choosing the ideal product even more paramount. The last thing you want to do is tie-up a bundle of money because you are not sure how to pick a box mod! 

In this article, we will put a laser focus on the most important box mod features to consider, so when the time comes to make a purchasing decision, you will be well-informed and prepared to make the best choice!

What Is the Best Box Mod?

The best box mod is the one that best fits what you are looking for in a product. There is no objective “best” box mod, especially because different vaping enthusiasts will value individual product features differently. While it is impossible to choose a “best” box mod for everyone, choosing the box mod that is best for you is very much obtainable!

The Most Important Box Mod Features to Consider

Here are some of the most important box mod features for you to look for when shopping and comparing products. Be sure to note which features are most important to you!

Three Different Brands of Box Mod Vape Batteries


The first feature that many vaping enthusiasts look to in a box mod is the battery. This is an area where box mods shine, but there is still a lot of variance in battery features among different box mod options.

The first to consider is battery capacity. This refers to how much charge a box mod can hold, and how long it can sustain a vaping session. If you vape several times throughout the day, or if you are using attachments on your box mod that require lots of power, you will want to consider a product that has a high capacity charge. When shopping, you can tell what the battery capacity is by look for the “mAh” (or milliamp Hours). The higher this number is, the more power your battery can hold!

Another battery feature to consider is whether the box mod in question has a removable battery. This is another feature that box mods are known for since being able to carry spare batteries is convenient for frequent vaping. It also means you can replace the battery when they begin to lose their overall capacity over time, which can save you from having to replace the entire unit.

Heating Options

Most box mods offer some kind of precision heating option, which helps them be compatible with a variety of oil vape tanks and attachments. Some allow the temperature to be adjusted per degree, with the setting shown on an LED or other digital display. Others have several preset heating choices but do not allow for degree-to-degree precision heating.

Even if you are not using different attachments, precision heating options can add variety to your vaping lifestyle. Lower temperatures will produce less vapor but will allow you to more fully taste the flavor of what you are vaping. Higher temperatures produce the huge vapor clouds box mods are known for, but the hits are hotter and some of the more subtle tasting notes are lost.

There is not a right or wrong answer for temperature vaping, but if you want to explore the wide spectrum of flavor that vaping can offer, you will want to consider the kind of heating options your potential box mod offers.

Power Output or Wattage Control

While similar to temperature control, wattage control or power output offers different options for your vaping experience. Namely, the amount of power your box mod is capable of creating will determine what kinds of oil vape tanks, atomizers, or other attachments your box mod will be compatible with.

Box mods with a high ceiling of power output will be able to handle a large variety of different oil tanks and atomizers, with the tradeoff being that they require a higher battery capacity to do so, which usually means a higher price. Likewise, box mods with lower power output will be more limited in the different attachments with which they are compatible, but they will either be less expensive, have more efficient power usage, or both!

Resistance and Ohms

This is a specification that might be somewhat confusing to you, and that is ok! When using oil pens, you will rarely need to consider the resistance of your device. For box mods, however, it is an important feature to consider when choosing the ideal product.

So what are ohms and resistance? The resistance in a box mod refers to how easily it allows power to flow through the device, and ohms are the units used to measure this resistance. The higher the resistance, the harder it is for power to flow to the atomizer, which means less vapor will be produced and the draw on your battery will be less. Low resistance means power can flow very easily to the atomizer, resulting in higher temperatures and more vapor.

Resistance is important to consider because many oil vape tanks or atomizers have resistance requirements. If your box mod has low resistance and your oil tank has a very high resistance, you will have trouble producing any vapor at all. Always double-check to make sure that your box mod and desired attachment have compatible resistances. If you aren’t sure, check with the manufacturer, or reach out to us!

Hand Holding Box Mod Vape with Colorful Vape Smoke

Sub-Ohm Vaping

An advanced feature that veteran vaping enthusiasts look for is the ability to sub-ohm vape. This means that the resistance provided is less than 1.0ohms, which is like providing an empty four-lane highway for power to flow to your atomizer. The result is an incredibly large amount of vapor being produced at once since a large amount of energy flows to the oil tank is an incredibly short amount of time.

While this is a cool feature to have access to, it requires precise technical specifications to be met, both within your box mod and your desired oil tank. If a given box mod is capable of sub-ohm vaping, that will usually be listed in the technical specifications provided by the manufacturer or the retailer selling the product.

Box Mod Takeaway

While these are not the only features to consider when buying a box mod, we feel that these are the most important features to consider when deciding if a box mod is right for you. These are also features that are easy to overlook since they are readily apparent just by looking at the product. As with any significant purchase, take time to research the available features of box mods you are interested in, and see which products best align with what you want out of your vaping experience.

For a safe place to start, consider the SteamCloud Box Mod. It has variable power output, variable resistance settings, and a powerful 1600mAh battery that will make it compatible with a wide variety of oil tanks and related attachments. It’s at a very comfortable entry-level price point, which makes it a great choice for those who want to try a box mod without making a significant investment.

As always, you may need expert help, and that’s what we’re here for! If you have questions about what box mod might be right for you, we can help find products that closely align with your vaping needs to make sure you have the best vaping experience possible!

Written by:  Matthew Hickman

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