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How to Choose the Best Vape Tank

August 28, 2020 0 Comments

Various Different Vape Tanks

Choosing a Vape Tank 101

Vaping is a highly tailored experience. From the particular accessories to the concentrates, there is a wide range of things you can do to fit your particular preferences and needs. One of the most important aspects of a great vaping experience is selecting the right tank, and unfortunately, it is often overlooked (especially by new users). To help develop a better understanding of vape tank selection, here is a quick guide to help you determine what is the right vape tank option for you. 

Vape Tank Differences

While there is no universal answer for the best vape tank on the market. There are plenty of reasons it could be the wrong vape tank. For example, if the tank is not compatible with the vaporizer battery, or if the tank does not fulfill what the user is looking for. When it comes to choosing the perfect tank it is all about the individual needs and preferences of the user. For instance, if you are looking for a vape tank for wax concentrates, you do not want to end up with an oil cartridge. There is a wide array of options for vape tanks, and it is important to know the differences in order to choose exactly what you are looking for. To help understand a little more about these options, below is a list of various vape tank differences and a little information about each one. 

1. Wax, Herb & Oil Vape Tanks

Whether you choose to vape oil, wax, or dry herbs, there is a vape tank designed to fit the material of your choice. Generally, vape tanks cater to one specific material. Therefore, if you try using the tank with the wrong material, it can damage the coils. When making your selection always check to see what the overall purpose of the vape tank is, and make sure it will match the needs and wants you are looking for.  

2. Size and Threading

Another important aspect of choosing the right vape tank is the size and threading. You should always pay attention to what will work with your vaporizer, as vape tank sizes can vary in height, shape, and diameter. The wrong tank size could cause you to have too small of a capacity for your concentrate, while too large of a tank could create issues with discretion or portability. 

While most tanks typically use the universal 510 threading, this is not the case for every vape tank. Different companies and manufacturers will sometimes alter the threading size. To determine the threading size for your device, you should always check your user manual. If you cannot find your user manual or the information is unclear, most manufacturers (like SteamCloud) will provide the exact details online. 

3. Power Threshold Of The Vape Tank

The power threshold of a vape tank varies from one tank to the next, and it is extremely important to choose the correct one (especially if you use larger devices like the SteamCloud Box Mod). Otherwise, you can easily end up with a broken vape tank or one that will not work correctly. For example, if you choose a smaller tank with a more powerful battery, you can risk burning out the tank and making it useless. Then again, if your vaporizer offers a smaller, less powerful battery, if you choose a large vape tank it may not offer enough power to heat your vape tank. 

No one wants to have a broken vape tank. Thankfully, it is very easy to ensure these situations do not occur by checking both the power threshold and what type of ability it is capable of prior to making your vape tank purchase. Then simply check to see what power threshold the vape tank can handle, and ensure it does not exceed the battery power output from your device. 

4. Vape Tank Lifetime

Like batteries, no two vape tanks are alike and some last longer than others. How you care for the tank, the type of materials used to create it, and the quality of your vape tank are all factors that can alter the overall lifespan. However, there is one more thing that can drastically affect the lifetime of your tank that many users do not consider, and that is the type of concentrate you are vaping. Oil and dry herb tanks tend to have a relatively long lifespan, but the wax concentrate is another story. Wax is a sticky and clumpy substance. Both overtime and the amount of use can cause an immense amount of damage to the tank. This is due to the wax and the residue from use collecting and solidifying inside of the tank. Before making your purchase, consider how long you expect your tank to last, as this can be a factor in the overall price tag of the tank as well.

5. Replacement Coils

An important thing to remember is not all vape tanks can be repaired, and whether or not you can replace the coil is dependent on the type of tank you choose. Some are entirely self-reliant (meaning you have to replace the entire tank if the coil burns out or is damaged), while others offer replacement coils. 

Which option is best is determined by personal preferences, as both options will not change your vaping experience. This feature determines how often you will require maintenance, as replacement coils tend to require more replacements than switching out entire tanks. In the end, it is more about whether or not you prefer purchasing an entirely new tank or just a replacement part.

6. Heating Element

When choosing a vape tank, you should always pay close attention to the heating element. The heating element can differ greatly from model to model and can be created out of a variety of materials. The most common being quartz, ceramic, and titanium. Many tanks utilize flat metal pancake coils, while others tend to use either quartz or ceramic rods. Depending upon the vape tank size will determine how many heating elements are involved. For instance, smaller tanks tend to use a single heating element while larger tanks tend to have several (up to four) to allow you to take larger and more frequent puffs. 

What Is A Dry Herb Vape Tank?

The vaping experience you have with an herb vape tank is determined by the type of vaping style you choose. Unlike other concentrates, dry herb vape tanks come in two different heating formats - convection and combustion. With combustion vaping, the herb tank will have a chamber with a metal coil at the bottom. This style heats the dry herbs up until it combusts and creates smoke. While this method does produce a cleaner style of smoking, it is not a true vaping experience because it does not produce vapor. It still produces smoke. 

Convection vaping is preferred by users who do not want to smoke. This format uses a ceramic plate that “bakes” the dry herbs (similar to how your conventional oven at home heats up) producing vapor. Unlike combustion vaping, convection tanks will not contain an unprotected heating element.

What Is A Wax Vape Tank?

Most wax vape tanks typically use either a ceramic or quartz rod coil that has a metal wire coil wrapped around them. This allows the device (such as the SteamCloud EVOD) to heat up as soon as the battery begins sending electricity. When loading, the user will place the wax directly onto the coil. Loading the concentrate should be completed prior to warming up the device because as soon as the heated coil comes into contact with the wax, it will begin to vaporize the concentrate. 

To help ensure you have a great vaping experience you should always keep in mind both the material used and the number of heating rods. The number of heating rods with the vape tank will determine how fast and how much vapor your device will produce, while the material your heating element uses will determine how to avoid overheating your concentrate. For instance, a quartz coil may heat up faster, but it also tends to cool down quicker than ceramic coils. 

What Is An Oil Vape Tank?

Oil vape tanks are the best option for new users. This is due to their ease of use. These tanks are typically very similar in appearance to an e-liquid box mod tank. Oil vape tanks generally contain some form of an oil chamber (where the oil concentrate is placed) where the concentrate is soaked up by a cotton wick for easy vaporization. These tanks come in both refillable or disposable options. 

While easy to use, it is essential to keep up with the level of concentrate within your vape tank. If there is not a sufficient amount of oil, it can cause the wick to overheat or even burn. Unfortunately, the cotton is susceptible to this, and once this occurs the wick will need to be replaced. 

What is the Best Vape Tank?

Ultimately, the best vape tank is going to vary from person to person because each person has different needs and preferences for the perfect vaping experience. Like many other products, one particular vape tank will not appeal to every single vaper. Vapers can prefer discretion, a specific hit size, or a tank able to use with a particular concentrate. 

Make sure to do a little research before you make your purchase. Sometimes tanks can be recommended for specific usage, but also has the ability to meet the needs of other uses. For instance, the skinny 510 vape tanks are very popular for use with oil concentrates. However, they can also be used as a tank for wax concentrates and dry herbs. In the end, you want to make sure the vape tank you choose not only meets your needs and preferences, but also the specific requirements for your vaporizer.

 Written By: Chelsea O.

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