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How To Fill A Vape Pen?

August 24, 2020 0 Comments

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How to Fill a Vape Pen 101

Filling a vape pen requires no special skills. However, without filling your vape pen adequately, you cannot use it. The use of a vape pen is on the rise, but the term ‘vape pen’ itself covers a vast array of options. The bottom line is that vapes come in different types, and the way you fill it depends on the model in use. So, before you fill your vape, you must have determined the kind of vape pen in use and its capacity.

As a result of the variations, filling a vape depends on the material used for vaping. For instance, when loading a wax pen, you place the concentrate directly on the coil. However, other vape juices use tanks. If you have to fill a vape pen, bear in mind that the density of concentrates differs. Dry herbs are not as dense as wax and have no sticky characteristic, but if you don’t take care, dry herbs spill more than waxes can.

How to Fill a Vape Pen with Oil

The first and most vital part of filling a vape pen with any concentrate is to avoid overfilling the device. Filling a vape pen with oil is no different. It gets easier even because there are more specific vapes designs on the market. E.g. Oil vapes like SteamCloud Stylus consist of an oil cartridge where you directly feed the oil into. Be sure to keep track when filling to avoid spillage. So, before you begin to fill, stay still to prevent spilling over the vape on yourself.

  • You need a syringe, bottle, or any other suitable container to fix your concentrate directly into the vape cartridge or tank.
  • Uncap the vape pen and slowly begin to pour oil inside- easy-peasy.

Another important aspect of filling a vape pen with oil is mixing. Oils generally exist in different operating temperatures, so you need to have a fair idea of the heating temperatures of any two oils you intend to combine. The science of oil teaches us that oils may be immiscible. If two oils don’t work at corresponding temperatures, chances are their densities don’t match up to the optimal temperature of your vape. Hence, the flavor is compromised, and so is the integrity of your vape.

How to Fill your Vape Pen with Wax

Wax pens often come in varying sizes, but always take the shape of a pen. As we have said earlier, filling a vape pen is relatively easy, so it needs no much technicality. A wax pen usually has a heating coil element- the atomizer. The heating element makes sure that heat is even through the device. So, the kind of coil your wax pen uses matter. For example, an older vape model uses a wick coil. The wick coil is usually cotton-like and works better with waxy concentrate with less thickness. Therefore, under filling a device with wick coil causes the coil to burn as much as inadequate priming will. Ultimately, the flavor and performance of your device are at stake.

A ceramic coil works better because of the material they’re made from. These can accommodate thicker and denser waxes as much as the more liquid version.

Quartz coils work as well as ceramic coils. When it comes to ceramic or quartz, it really boils down to the users' preference. An example of a wax pen that uses a quartz coil vape cartridge is the SteamCloud EVOD and SteamCloud Mini 2.0.

Here are some the things to take note of when filling a vape pen with wax:

  • Dab tools are most useful. They help you store the wax into the pen without messing up the wax. Also, dab tools minimize the interaction between dabbers and the wax itself.
  • Dab tools come in a variety as well, sharp for precision and flat for a substantial amount of wax.

To begin filling wax into your vape:

  1. Turn on the device by clicking on the power button five times.
  2. Open the mouthpiece by unscrewing it to reveal the coil.
  3. Use a dab tool to load wax onto the coil.
  4. When you have added enough wax onto the coil, return the mouthpiece and screw back into position.
  5. Hold onto the power button and turn up the heat on the coil. The heat melts your wax, and you can begin to enjoy the vapor.

Wax tends to be thicker than other liquid concentrates and might clog up your device when filled inappropriately. To combat this challenge, turn up the heat but avoid overdoing it.

How to Fill a Vape Pen with Dry Herbs

Dry herbs tend to spill over the place- much more than concentrates. First, you want to avoid loading up a dry vape pen in a windy area. Again, you have to be sure that your dry herbs have been ground adequately to more delicate bits before filling the vape. You want to use an herb grinder to achieve a super fine grind.

Besides, you could consider the mode of operation of your vape; if your vape is a combustion or convection type. This impacts how you fill your vape and how much dry herbs you fill into it. Here is what we mean; a combustion vape has an exposed coil that heats your herbs. The heat from the coil creates a cloud of smoke that leaves the chamber with ash. Its conventional counterpart produces vapor rather than smoke.

  • You’re placing the herbs directly into the chamber. Don’t over-pack the chamber; leave about enough space to allow air to pass through.

Tips for Filling a Vape Pen Carefully

Generally, several guidelines work for all vape materials; dry or wet.

  1. Check out the vaping accessories you’re using, be sure you have it right. For instance, you can buy dab tools, syringes, and other small tools to fill your vape even though most vaping devices come with dab tools.
  2. Make sure you’re filling your vape under proper lighting to see what you’re doing.
  3. To avoid spillage, resist filling your vape to the top. It's also great for air allowance. When your vape is packed full, you’re at risk of clogging the vape, messing up your flavor and vapor.
  4. If you intend to vape on the go, you could pre-pack your device before leaving the house.
  5. Make sure your wax atomizers are appropriately linked to the battery. When the entire unit is not in perfect synch, you are at risk of leakage. Also, the atomizer tends to function inadequately, thus deterring your enjoyment.

How to Refill a Vape Pen

Refilling a vape pen is repeating what you did the first time around. You’re doing the same thing except for a few differences. When opening up the heating chamber or coil, you want to be on the lookout for residual concentrate. Except you completely melt off the residue or have your vape cleaned out, the waste leaks out. So, you want to clean your vape or melt off any leftovers before opening the device up for a refill. Also, wax pens and their parts tend to get sticky when not in use. You may consider warming your wax pen up first before refilling.

Dry herbs are less likely to be sticky, because well, they are not liquid. The challenge with them, however, is that the form clogs. To avoid this, you should avoid packing too many herbs in your vape. Again, brush off the screen with a brush (often comes with the device) before going for a refill. Perchance, the clogs are too stubborn to get off the screen; you may opt for a screen replacement.

How often do you need to refill your vape? Well, this depends on preference and the kind of vaping device you use. Wax concentrates last for a single session if you’re vaping alone. For multiple users, you may require additional refills, depending on the duration. Oils and other kinds of concentrates tend to last longer; even weeks when loaded, the tank is often more extensive and contains more concentrates.

Can you put water in a Vape Pen?

You can vape hemp, cannabis and other herbs in a vape pen, however...No! You cannot put water in a vape pen, not even for cleaning. Vape pens are electronic devices designed to accommodate only specific kinds of materials.

Attempting to put water in a vape is an attempt to bring the unit to its ultimate end. Do this and you'll have to pull out the cigar cutters for a couple days until a new vape arrives. Water will spoil the battery, coils, and other parts of the vape. In cleaning out your vape pen, manufacturers recommend isopropyl alcohol, so the option of water is totally out of it. Perhaps, you use glass attachment or extension on your vape with filtrate or percolator. Then you can use water only in the filtration area.

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