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How To Fix My Vaporizer?

August 20, 2020 0 Comments

Broken Vape with title How to Fix a Broken Vaporizer

There is hardly a worse feeling than going through the trouble to find the perfect vaporizer, spending a good chunk of money on it, and then one day it just stops working. For many, their first instinct is to simply go and buy a new vaporizer, and while that is the quickest and easiest solution, you have other options! Many vaporizers on the market today can be fixed right in the comfort of your home!

Whether or not a vaporizer can easily be fixed in your home will largely depend on the brand, model, and what kind of substance the vaporizer is designed for. This article is going to take a look at the most common problems that can arise from oil, dry herb, and wax vaporizers and the best way to troubleshoot and fix those issues without having to invest in an entirely new piece of equipment. The first problems we examine will be common problems for all vaporizers in general, and the second session will focus on specific problems an oil, dry herb, or wax vaporizer may face.

It is worth noting before we go in that this article will not have a solution to every single problem a vaporizer may face. While we are unable to speak for other retailers, you can always reach out to us here at with any questions or concerns regarding any vaporizer you have purchased from us!

Common Problems Found in Any Vaporizer

So you have a vaporizer that is not functioning and you have no idea where to start troubleshooting. We recommend troubleshooting the following problems, as they are the most common issues vaping enthusiasts face, regardless of brand and regardless of what substance the vaporizer is designed to handle.

1. The Vaporizer Will Not Turn On

Hardly anything feels as bad as getting your favorite vaporizer and realizing that it will not even power on. Most vaporizers turn on by clicking the power button five times. Make sure you have done that properly first. If that does not work, make sure the battery is charged. If you plug in the battery and it starts to slowly flash a red light, that means it is charging (and it also means it was not charged all the way).

2. The Vaporizer Will Not Charge

If you attempt to plug in your vaporizer and you do not see any lights at all, or you have left the vape on the charger and it still will not turn on, you can still troubleshoot the charging. Make sure that the charging cable is both firmly connected to the pen and the cable is firmly connected to the outlet or USB connection. You can also try plugging into a different outlet and trying a different cord and charger. If you have tried all of the possibilities in step one and step two, you either have a dead battery or a dead vape and you should contact your retailer or vape manufacturer about warranty exchanges.

3. 510 Threading Mismatch

The vast majority of vaporizers are built with 510 threading. This threading is what is used to allow attachments and cartridges to be attached to your vape battery. While not particularly common, there are attachments and vape batteries that use different threading than 510. If you are having trouble getting an attachment to connect to your battery, or if they are connected and will not turn on, this is a possible problem. Unfortunately, there is no “fix” to this. You will just need to get an attachment or vape battery with compatible threading.

    Common Dry Herb Vaporizer Problems

    Just like we mentioned before, there will be some problems with dry herb vapes that are specific to the particular model that you have. However, there are some common problems that most dry herb vapes can face. We have those problems listed below as well as common solutions to those problems that you can enact without having to completely replace your vape! 

    1. No Vapor Being produced

    There are several reasons that a dry herb vape may not be producing vapor. For starters, if you are vaping at a low temperature, it may just be that the particular dry herb you are using needs to be vaped at higher temperatures. Keep in mind that low-temperature vaping with dry herbs can produce vapor that is almost invisible, so make sure that there actually is not any vapor being produced. If increasing the temperature does not resolve the problem, you may need to grind your dry herbs more finely. Not grinding your dry herbs can cause big problems in a dry herb vape. If this is your first time using a dry herb vape, remember that the vape will never produce as much vapor as an oil pen does. Just because you do not have big, thick clouds being produced does not mean that something is wrong with the vape!

    2. Difficult To Get A Hit

    This is one of the most common problems you will face with a dry herb vape, and usually, this is the easiest problem to resolve, too! Between the heating chamber and the vapor path, you will find a mesh screen. This prevents large pieces of dry herb getting inhaled by you! Over time, this screen will become clogged, which will impact your ability to take a pull from the vape. All you need to do is use a wire brush (or your fingers) to remove the debris that is clogged the screen!

    3. Smoke Instead Of Vapor

    Most vapes use a process called convection to produce vapor. Convection uses hot air to bake the dry herbs, which does not produce smoke. If your vape is producing smoke, you may have gotten ahold of a combustion vape, which directly heats your dry herbs with a heating coil or other direct heat source. Certain models of combustion vapes can use a glass screen to be converted into a combustion vape (like the AGO Combustion Vape). If your vape is not compatible with something similar to a glass screen, you will need to invest in a new vaporizer if you want true vapor. 

    4. The Mouthpiece Is Too Hot

    This is an especially common problem during extending vaping sessions. The heating chamber in a dry herb vape has a large surface area that is heated in order to produce vapor. However, since so much area is heated at once, it is easy for that heat to travel through the body of the vape, including up and to the mouthpiece. If this is a problem, you can try giving your vape time to cool down or get a silicone mouthpiece extender. Silicone does not transfer heat, so it is an easy solution if you do not want to go through the trouble of waiting for your device to cool.

      Common Wax Vape Problems

      Specific wax vapes will have their own specific issues. However, just like you can expect with dry herb vapes, wax vapes have some common issues that can be found in nearly any wax vape you come across. Below are some possible solutions to common problems, though if these solutions do not resolve the specific issue you have, you are likely looking at replacing the device.

      1. A Sticky Mess, Difficult To Open Vape Parts

      Wax is the messiest of the substances you are going to vape. To avoid sticky messes and overflows, you need to make sure that you do not overpack your wax onto your heating coils. When heated, the wax turns to liquid, so while it may be fine in its solid form, its liquid form might overflow. Also, wax pens should always be stored upright so heated wax does not travel through the vapor path and other parts of the vape.

      2. The Vape Coil Will Not Heat.

      Coils are the part of the wax vape that heat to super-high temperatures in order to produce vapor from your wax. It is not uncommon for them to wear out and need to be replaced, and replacements are readily available for most wax pens at pretty low prices. You will want to make sure that the coil is properly attached before seeking a replacement coil, but if it is securely fastened, you will need to start shopping!

      3. Poor taste

      This is likely another problem with your heating coil. As you place wax on the heating coils and vape, residue and burnt substance will slowly collect on the coil. Over time, this will affect taste (and will also impact the coils ability to heat up). If you have noticed that the taste just is not what it used to be and the coil is visibly gross looking, you will want to buy a new coil for your vape pen.

        Common Oil Vape Problems

        Oil vapes are some of the most common vapes you will see and they were one of the first vapes to hit the market. There is a huge selection of oil vapes and oil tanks to choose from, and with that variety comes a large variety of different issues that an oil vape may face. However, just as we have done for wax and dry herb vapes, we have listed the most common issues that you will come across with your oil vapes below! 

        1. Vape Coil Or Atomizer Does Not Work.

        There are several issues that could be causing the coil or atomizer to not be heating your vape oil. First, make sure that your oil tank or cartridge is completely fastened. If it is too loose or too tight, you may have issues getting it to fire. If that does not resolve the issue, we recommend going through the battery and charging troubleshooting steps in the first section of this article. If you determine the issue is specifically the atomizer, you may need to increase the power that your vape pen is providing. Some cartridges and tanks require higher wattage outputs to function properly. If that does not work, it is possible that you have burnt out the circuits in the atomizer. This occurs when too much power is provided to the atomizer at once, overloading the circuits and causing it to short out. This is why we always recommend starting to vape at the lowest possible setting and working your way up when using new vaporizers or new atomizers.

        2. Sticky Mess

        While this issue is more common in wax vapes, it can arise in oil vaping too. This most commonly occurs when lower-quality tanks or cartridges begin to leak to due poor construction, especially after they have been used once or twice. Leaking tanks are no good, and you should consider buying a different brand of vape tank.

        3. Burnt Taste

        This is most common for those that vape e-liquid. If you fire up an e-liquid tank without anything inside, you risk burning the wick inside the tank. If it gets burnt, there is no resolution. You will always have a burnt, nasty taste as long as you vape from that tank. It will need to be replaced before you are able to experience pleasant flavors again.

          Common Box Mod Problems

          Box mods are simply vape batteries that have a boat-load of features and usually sport high battery capacities. We have put together a list of common problems that are specific to box mod users and some possible solutions for you to try!

          1. The Atomizer Will Not Work / Check Atomizer

          Box mods are designed to handle a wide range of accessories that all have different power requirements. If you have an atomizer attached that will not function with your box mod, you will want to make sure that the current wattage output on your box mod is in line with the power requirements for your given attachment. Providing too much power or too little power can cause malfunctions. If you are sure that your power settings are correct, make sure that the accessory is properly attached to the box mod. If it is, you have likely burnt out the attachment by providing more power than it was built to handle. Always check the power requirements of new attachments before you fire them up on your box mod.

          2. Advanced Vape Battery

          This is not an actual problem, but it is an important note to consider when troubleshooting your box mod. Box mods have a lot of features that can be tweaked and manipulated to give you the perfect vaping experience for whatever you happen to be using. However, with increased features comes increased confusion and a higher likelihood that your settings are not correct for the given attachment you are trying to use. Always spend time in the manual of your box mod and given attachment to make sure settings are correct before spending a lot of time firing up the box mod.

          3. Burnt Taste

          This is more of a problem with e-juice vaping, but we wanted to include it here since box mods are most commonly used with e-juice vaping. Just as we said in the oil vaping section of this article, if you get a constant burnt taste with what you are vaping, you have likely burnt the heating coil or wick that is used to heat the e-juice. Unfortunately, there is no solution to this problem outside of replacing the wick or coil (if possible) or completely replacing the oil tank.

          Written By: Matthew H.

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