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Are Oil Vape Pens and Cartridges Universal?

October 07, 2020 0 Comments

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Buying your first oil vape pen can be an exciting experience! After all, oil vaping continues to trend upwards in terms of popularity and general acceptance. However, a major roadblock that prevents beginning users from enjoying their oil vapes to the fullest is discovering which oil cartridges are compatible with their oil vapes.

While this is a straightforward issue for most users, it can be confusing for those just getting started with their oil vape pen. Below, we will discuss how to know if your oil cartridge and vape pen are compatible, including some potential issues that may sneak up on new oil vape users.

Are Oil Vape Pens and Cartridges Universal?

No, they are not. When buying oil cartridges for your vape pen, you will want to pay close attention to the style of threading it has, or even if it uses threading at all. Many oil vapes use “pods,” which will generally be for use with a specific brand of vape, and sometimes with a specific model of vape.

If you want to avoid getting locked into a certain brand of vape oil, you will want to research the oil vape you have in mind and confirm that it can be used with a variety of oil brands. Most are, but not all!

While there are several kinds of proprietary oil pods you may come across, there is one nearly universal design you can look for; 510 threading.

510 Threading

The vast majority of oil vapes and cartridges are designed with 510 threading. Despite what you may have heard or read about what “510” threading actually is, all it refers to is how many threads are present and how thick the threads are. So, for 510 threading, there are 10 threads, with each thread being 0.5 mm in thickness.

If you buy a pre-filled oil cartridge or a refillable oil tank, it will likely be made with 510 threading. There is not a special reason for this. 510 threading was simply one of the first threading designs used for oil vape pens and cartridges and it slowly worked its way into becoming the industry standard.

510 Threading Vape Cartridges

If your oil vape is designed to have a tank or cartridge screwed into it, you will still want to double-check your user’s manual to confirm that it is actually 510 threading being used. The last thing you want to do is make a large investment in vaping gear only to find out later that it is not compatible with your oil vape!

The threading on your oil vape aside, there are other compatibility issues you need to consider when buying tanks or cartridges. Just because an accessory has matching threading does not mean it is meant for your vape pen!

An Oil Cartridge or Vape Tank May Not Physically Fit

Depending on the shape and size of your oil vape, a cartridge or vape tank may not be able to physically connect with the vape battery, even if both are designed with 510 threading. This is a common problem with oil vape tanks, as they can be large and bulky, overwhelming smaller vape pens.

Oil Cartridge or Vape Tank Incompatible Power Requirements

Even if an oil vape tank or cartridge physically fit on your vape pen, incompatible power requirements may ruin your chance to vape. Again, this is especially true of high-end oil vape tanks, which often have specific power-out and resistance requirements that smaller vape batteries are unable to accommodate.

Unlike the other issues listed, which would prevent any vaping from happening at all, incompatible power requirements may allow some vaping to occur. However, you will never get the full potential of the combination of your vape tank and oil pen, especially if your tank or cartridge is power-hungry and your vape battery is more petite.

How to Avoid Compatibility Issues

If you are interested in making sure your oil pen and potential vape tank are compatible, you will need to review the power features in your user manual and look up the specific power features of the vape tank you are interested in. Fortunately, most vape tanks have all power specifications clearly listed online!

Just because the information is available online does not mean that you will be able to clearly discern whether your oil vape and potential attachment are compatible. If you have done the research and still are not sure, reach out to us! We would be happy to help make sure you get a compatible pair on the first purchase. We can even make quality suggestions to make sure you get the most bang for your buck, too!

Written By:  Matthew Hickman

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