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Can I Reuse Vape Cartridges?

October 07, 2020 0 Comments

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Many vaping enthusiasts are constantly on the lookout for ways to save money while thoroughly enjoying their vaping hobby. One of the most common ways users try to save money is by refilling vape cartridges with their own vape juice instead of buying new cartridges.

While this may seem appealing at first, trying to refill a cartridge that is not designed to be reused can cause big problems in your vaping experience. If you are looking to save while vaping, you need to be sure to do so in ways that do not make you hate vaping!

Can I Reuse Oil Vape Cartridges?

It depends on the specific product you have. If you bought a pre-filled cartridge, they are rarely intended to be refilled and reused. After all, you bought them pre-filled for a reason! To attempt to refill these kinds of cartridges, it requires that you nearly break the cartridge to do so. Reusing a pre-filled cartridge can lead to nasty vape flavors being produced, which you definitely want to avoid!

Why Should I Not Reuse Pre-filled Oil Vape Cartridges?

There are several reasons this should be avoided. First, as we mentioned, you will likely damage the cartridge in your attempt to refill it, If you try to use a damaged cartridge, this could cause damage to your vape battery through electrical shorts or oil spillage.

The atomizer or wick that is included in your pre-filled cartridge is also not designed for extended use. It is likely to burn out after you refill it, or not function at all since you have to damage the cartridge to refill it, to begin with.

However, if you are set on having a refillable cartridge, many oil vape cartridges are designed to be refilled and reused. These products are often called vape tanks, and they are perfect for those that do not want to constantly buy new cartridges!

Used Vape Tanks and Cartridges

What Are Oil Vape Tanks?

Oil vape tanks are accessories that are designed to be refilled and used repeatedly over an extended period. They are durable and are designed to be easily refilled, making them ideal for someone who wants to save money by refilling the tank instead of buying new cartridges.

If oil vape tanks sound appealing, there are a few issues of compatibility that you should consider before buying one. You do not want to invest in a vape tank only to find it does not work with your oil vape pen!

Check for Compatible Threading

Most oil vape tanks are designed with 510 threading, which is the most common kind of threading you will find in the vaping world. As luck would have it, most oil vape pens are also designed with 510 threading.

However, though this will likely be the case, it is not a guarantee. Always double-check the kind of threading your oil pen has and see if it matches with the vape tank you are interested in.

Check Power Requirements

One of the biggest roadblocks you will face is if an oil vape tank has high power requirements and your vape pen has a small, petite battery. Even if the vape tank physically connects to your pen, if it has high power requirements, it will quickly drain your vape battery, ruining the vaping experience.

Check Resistance Requirements

Many high-end oil tanks have specific resistance requirements for a successful vaping session. If your vape pen is unable to meet them, you may have trouble getting enough power to your tank to produce vapor.

Two Versions of Box Mods - SteamCloud and Flip O2

Consider a Box Mod

Most high-end vape tanks are designed to be used with box mods. Box mods are powerful, feature-filled vape batteries that are capable of meeting most resistance and power requirements that oil tanks have.

Of course, if you find an oil tank that is compatible with your current oil vape, that is perfect! If you are having trouble finding an oil tank that might be a good match for your current vape pen, reach out to us! We will help find a great match for what you have, or even guide you towards an oil vape that might better fit your needs.

Written by:  Matthew Hickman

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