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What is the Difference Between Resistance and Variable Voltage?

October 10, 2020 0 Comments

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Box mods are one of our favorite kinds of products. They are powerful, versatile, and fit so many different oil tanks and unique, interesting attachments. However, the learning curve from going to a box mod from an oil vape pen can be steep, and it’s common to have questions.

One of the most common questions we have is comparing variable voltage and resistance. To beginners, they may seem like they do the same thing since changing the voltage or resistance has similar outcomes. However, once you delve into the technical side, it’s easy to see how variable voltage and resistance are different and how each can impact your vaping experience.

What Is Variable Voltage and Resistance?

Variable voltage is the ability to change how much power your box mod battery is outputting at one time. The higher the voltage, the more power is being pumped out. The lower the voltage, the less power that is being pumped out.

Resistance refers to how easily power can pass from the battery to the oil tank. A high resistance means it is more difficult for power to pass through, while a low resistance means a large amount of power can pass through at once.

Two Lane Highway with Speed Racer Graphic and Lightening Bolt Graphics Showing Variable Speeds

What Is the Difference Between Voltage and Resistance?

The best way to understand the difference between variable voltage and resistance is to think of a highway. Think of the voltage as how much traffic is on the highway. The more voltage you have, the more traffic you have. Think of resistance as the highway itself. The higher the resistance, the fewer lanes are present. A low resistance would mean a multi-lane highway, where it would be easy for a high level of traffic to pass through.

Effects of Using High Voltage or Low Resistance

The effects that using a high voltage or a low resistance on your box mod will produce similar results. You will be able to produce more vapor more quickly, but your hits will be hotter and harsher. Both a high voltage or a low resistance will drain your battery very quickly, so if you plan on vaping all day, be sure to keep an eye on your battery levels while vaping.

While using a high voltage or a low resistance has similar effects, there are a few differences to spot. Using a lower resistance can allow you to produce a higher temperature more quickly than using only a higher voltage, which means it is easier to start producing giant vape clouds before your box mod begins to overheat. However, simply adjusting the voltage higher is much easier on internal components, and vaping with a higher voltage will not impact the life of your device like low-resistance vaping will.

Of course, you can use both a high voltage and a low resistance at the same time, resulting in super-fast, super giant clouds of vapor. This will drain your battery quickly, eat through your vape oil quickly, so be cautious if you decide to take this route.

Effects of Using Low Voltage or High Resistance

Low voltage or high resistance vaping will also produce similar effects. It will take longer to produce vapor and you will not get as large of vapor clouds, but your hits will be significantly cooler and tastier. Using either low voltage or high resistance also increases your battery life, which is perfect for casual, all-day vaping.

If you want to try to use both low voltage and high resistance, you may run into problems. Going back to the highway metaphor, if you have a trickle of traffic on a cramped, single-lane highway, you are going to have a hard time getting to your destination. Likewise, if you only have a trickle of power through a restrictive power pathway, it will be difficult to heat your atomizer enough to produce any vapor at all!

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What’s the Best Voltage and Resistance Setting for My Box Mod


The ideal setting is going to end up being whatever allows you to produce the amount and flavor of vapor you want. The best way to find the perfect, precise setting is to make sure you have a box mod that allows for deep customization, like the SteamCloud Box Mod.

If you have questions about how to perfectly tune your box mod for your favorite oil tank, or simply need guidance on finding an ideal box mod for your vaping lifestyle, reach out to us! We would be happy to put our expertise to good use and get you perfectly vaping!

Written by:  Matthew Hickman

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