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What Is The Best Temperature For My Vaporizer?

August 16, 2020 0 Comments

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Whether or not you are currently an avid vaping enthusiast, you have almost certainly seen them around. You may be curious about how they work. Well, you have come to the right place! Regardless of the kind of vaporizer you have, all vapes operate in a similar basic function. They all use some kind of heating element (like heating coils, chambers, wicks, and atomizers), to heat whatever substance you happen to be using to create vapor. You can use oil, dry herbs, and wax in vape pens to create vapor for your enjoyment!

If you are new to vaping, you may have noticed that your vape pen has some temperature options you can adjust and choose your preferred temperature for vaping. Are you confused about which temperature is the most ideal? If you are, you are in the perfect spot! This article will discuss how to choose the best temperature for you and how different temperatures can impact your vaping experience.

What is the Best Temperature for a Dry Herb Vaporizer?

Dry herb vaporizers are quickly on the rise for a lot of great reasons. They are portable, easy to use, and super discreet. Most dry herb vaporizers will have some kind of temperature adjustment options, so how do you know which temperature setting is the best? There are several factors to consider, though the final determination will end up being your specific preference.

When vaping at lower temperatures, a dry herb vape produces very thin vapor. Sometimes so thin it is very hard to see. Even though low-temperature vaping does not produce a lot of vapor, it does produce a lot of flavor! You get to enjoy some of the softer, more subtle tasting notes found in dry herbs that are lost when you vape at higher temperatures (or even while smoking). Many flavor connoisseurs default to vaping at low temperatures to have the fullest flavor experience possible! 

Vaping dry herbs at high temperatures produces the opposite effect. You are going to lose a lot of the subtle flavor notes when you vape at high temperatures, but you can much more vapor. If you love the look and feel of ripping big vapor clouds, or you prefer your hits to be stronger instead of flavor-rich, high-temperature vaping is the way to go. Since higher temperatures go through more dry herb more quickly, it’s perfect for times when you just need a quick, strong hit before you get back on your way.

So which one do you choose? This is completely up to your preference! However, if you are using a particular dry herb vape for the first time or are using a different dry herb than you usually do, we recommend starting at the lowest temperature setting. This will make sure you do not cause electrical harm to the device with a sudden super strong power surge needed for high temperatures, and it gives you the opportunity to explore the spectrum of flavor through low and high temperatures. Start low and see which temperature setting fits your wants the best!

What is the Best Temperature for a Wax Pen?

Wax vaping involves overall much higher temperatures than when smoking dry herbs or oils. However, the differences between “low-temperature vaping” for wax and high-temperature vaping are similar to the differences found in dry herb vaping. Low-temperature wax vaping (which is still a hotter temperature than what you find in wax and dry herbs), produces vapor at a slow simmer, gradually producing vapor that you can enjoy slowly but surely. High-temperature wax vaping is going to heat your wax concentrate quickly, creating a lot of vapor at once, which is perfect if you want big hits or big vapor clouds.

Unlike dry herb vaping, however, there are a few more factors that can impact what temperature you decide to vape your wax at. The heating coils found in wax vapes are made of varying materials, and each of those materials heats and retains heat in different ways. For example, a ceramic coil will take longer to heat but will hold heat longer, whereas a quartz coil will heat more quickly but will cool off more quickly. If you are using different kinds of coils, you’ll need to experiment with the temperatures, even if you are using the same kind of vape pen and the same wax concentrate. As with dry herbs, we always recommend starting at the lowest temperature setting and working your way up. This is especially important with wax, as starting at a really high temperature can scorch and burn your wax, which makes it taste absolutely terrible.

What is the Best Temperature for an Oil Pen?

In line with dry herb and wax vaping, you have similar pros and cons for vaping at low or high temperatures with oil vaping. Low temperatures produce less vapor but are more flavorful and less harsh, and high temperatures can be harder to inhale and less flavorful but allow you to create absolutely huge vapor clouds, much larger than what you will find with dry herb or wax vapes.  However, it is especially important to start at low temperatures when vaping oil vapes. The reason is that oil vapes are vaped in cartridges, which can be prefilled or refillable. If you use prefilled cartridges, you are regularly connecting something that has new electric circuits to your vape battery. If you start at a high temperature, you could end up frying the circuits in a new cartridge, ruining the whole product! If using a tank that can handle a lot of power, it is also easy to burn and scorch your oils, which not only tastes bad but can also ruin your tank. Always start at low temperatures and work your way up!

What is the Best Temperature for a Box Mod Vape?

Box mods are powerful vape batteries that are meant to be used with all kinds of different attachments. Since you can use so many attachments with a box mod, the temperature you use will vary widely and will primarily be based on the attachment being used. Box mods will usually have wattage output options, and the more watts that are being put out, the higher the temperature will be. Because box mods are so powerful, you should always start at the lowest temperature setting and work your way up. Box mods can easily fry attachments that are designed to only handle low wattage output, so you will want to monitor your wattage output with care.

How to Choose the Right Vape Temperature?

By now, you should have a solid idea of how to choose the right temperature, but we will summarize our points to make it easier to digest. The temperature used is going to vary depending on what kind of vape pen you are using and what substance you have chosen to vape. While those factors vary, the pros and cons of high and low temperatures are relatively similar regardless of the specific device and substance used. Low temperatures produce cool, easy to inhale vapors that are flavor-rich, though the amount of vapor produced is pretty thin. High temperatures produce hot, harsh hits that can be hard for some lungs to handle, and you will not get the flavor profile you would with lower temperature vaping. However, higher temperatures are how you produce thick, strong vapor clouds. What you end up with will depend on your vaping preference!

High Temperature vs. Low Temperature

Here are the most important differences between high and low-temperature vaping:

1. Vapor Thickness

Low-temperature vaping produces thin, almost invisible vapors. High temperatures produce thick, very visible vapors.

2. Vapor Flavor

Low temperature vaping produces vapor with a rich flavor profile. High temperature vaping reduces the kinds of flavors that you can taste.

3. Vapor Temperature

Perhaps the most common sense different. Low-temperature vaping produces cooler vapor that is easier to inhale. High-temperature vaping produces hotter hits that might irritate some lungs.

4. Vapor Smell

This is an important difference if you are trying to vape discreetly. Lower temperatures produce thinner vapor, which means the smells will be weaker and less noticeable. Higher temperatures produce larger, hotter vapor clouds, which will produce stronger, more noticeable smells.

5. Vaping Speed

Lower temperatures produce vapor at lower rates. If you are looking to have a slow, leisurely vaping session and not get smacked in the face with the strength of what you are vaping, then low temperatures are ideal. High temperatures produce much more vapor at once, which means you will go through your vaping substance much more quickly and you will feel the effects of what you vape much more strongly.

Written By: Matthew H.

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