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Comparing An Oil Pen With A Dry Herb Vaporizer

August 04, 2020 0 Comments

Oil Pen and Dry Herb Vape

Regardless of the material in question, vaping has the same purpose – a battery is used to heat an atomizer/chamber which then applies heat directly/indirectly to produce a vapor. From oil vape pens to dry herb vaporizers, this concept remains the same. Similarities aside, dry herb vaporizers and oil pens are unique devices in themselves and have their own specific purpose which is reflected in their features, construction, and capabilities. Indeed, the experience offered by each of these vaporizers cannot be found anywhere else. To give you a better understanding of each type of vaporizer, we have compiled a list of essential similarities and differences to keep in mind the next time you shop!

Dry Herb Vaporizer and Oil Vape Pen Similarities

Vapes Designed to Vaporize

At the end of the day, both types of vaporizers serve the same purpose, to create vapor from certain materials. These vapes utilize the same type of technology which includes a battery, atomizer, or in the case of dry herbs, a heating chamber, as well as a cartridge/tank for oils.

Discreet Vaping Experience

Both of these options are discreet in comparison to traditional smoking which can be smelly, unclean, and draw unwanted attention. Regardless of whether you enjoy dry herbs OR oils, there is a benefit to enjoying them discreetly, free from prying eyes. Practically all vapes have been designed with the principle of discreetness in mind.

Portable Vapes

Although oil and dry herb vapes vary largely in size and shape, they are portable for the most part. This added portability makes them ideal for taking on the go. Also, you can use these vapes in different situations where smoking may be limited.

Easy to Use Vaporizers

Getting into vaping as a total beginner does have a slight learning curve, particularly when it comes to terminology and understanding the differences between certain products. That said, vaporizers have been designed for easy use where a person can pull their vape out of their bag, take a hit, and put it back. It is precisely this ease of use that draws so many folks to vaping as an alternative to smoking.

Vaping with Temperature Controls

In general, both herb and oil vapes feature different types of temperature controls. For example, a large portion of dry herb vaporizers offer full temperature control where the user can adjust the temperature within a single degree to fine-tune their experience and achieve certain results. The same goes for oil vapes. You easily find examples of full temperature control and pre-set temperatures the user can cycle through in oil and herb vapes. No type of control is superior to another, it comes down to personal preference.

Re-Chargeable Vape Batteries

It will always be the case that vapes are rechargeable. What would be the point otherwise? Do keep in mind that the charging method may differ though. We recommend you consult the user instructions for your vaporizer for proper charging procedures.

Oil Pen and Dry Herb Vaporizer Differences

Dry Herbs vs Oil Concentrates

The biggest difference between dry herb and oil vapes is its specifications and intended design. If you plan on vaping oils you will want an oil vape, not an herb vape which is designed to vaporize oils, not herbs. In addition to individual styles, you can find vapes capable of handling both material types with certain attachments, etc.

Heating Chamber vs Vape Cartridges

Most dry herbs vapes utilize a heating chamber where the herb is stored and heated through combustion, convection, or both.

How Long Vape Battery Lasts

Regardless of the vape, mAh is used to measure the power capacity of batteries. In general, dry herb vaporizers require more power. Thus, you will often find that dry herb vapes have a higher mAh capacity in comparison to oil pens. A higher mAh capacity does not necessarily mean that a battery will last longer, however. Oil vapes require less battery power and will last longer than their herb counterparts.

Chamber Loading Process

Dry herb vaporizers must be loaded with herb to start with, and any byproduct leftover from the previous vaping session needs to be disposed of. Between uses an herb chamber is emptied and refilled. Oil vapes come pre-filled and a new cartridge can be purchased to replace the empty, older one.

Vaporizer Versatility

For the most part, herbs are meant to be used exclusively with dry herb vapes, not oil vapes. That said, you can find plenty of vapes with optional attachments that gives them added functionality where more than one material type can be vaporized.

Maintenance Cleaning

Neither type of vape requires an extensive cleaning routine. But it is still recommended to clean your heating chamber and mouthpiece. Also, herb vapes use a filter to prevent ash and other particulates from being accidentally inhaled. You may want to replace those periodically. Oil vapes lack a screen and heating chamber but can become clogged if oils reach cooler temperatures. In comes cases heat will need to be applied along with forceful inhales to unblock the vape.

SteamCloud Box Mod vs SteamCloud EVOD

The SteamCloud Box Mod is an excellent option for fans of dry herb vaporizers. It features a 1200 mAh battery, which is all the power you need to vaporize your dry herbs and produce massive clouds. Also, the SteamCloud Box Mod is capable of handling oil and wax with its 510-thread cartridge compatibility.

In comparison, the EVOD Oil Vape is primarily designed for 510-thread oil cartridges but is compatible with dry herb and wax cartridges of as well. This vaporizer is shaped like a pen with twist variable voltage - 3.3V, 3.8V, 4.3V, 4.8V. Battery wise, the EVOD has 900mAh, which is plenty for continued use throughout the day. Overall, the EVOD has less power than the Box Mod, but is more minimal and compact. If you are not in need of additional power, then the EVOD would be a perfectly adequate choice.

SteamCloud Mini 2.0 vs SteamCloud Stylus Oil Pen

Unlike the SteamCloud Box Mod, the SteamCloud Mini 2.0 was primarily designed for vaping wax and oil. That said, you can purchase an attachment cartridge for dry herbs, which gives this vape much more versatility in comparison to the stylus. In comparison, the SteamCloud Stylus oil vape pen is the definition of simplicity and functionality. These pens are designed exclusively for oils and lack compatibility with other material types. Also, mAh capacity for this unit is 320mAh. There is NO power button as well. All the user must do is take a draw and that is it.

Dry Herb Vaporizer Tips

  1. We recommend you use a grinder to ensure even sizing of your herb. Avoid placing small nugs into the heating chamber, they tend to burn/vaporize ineffectively leading to lackluster experience.
  2. Keep in mind that vaporizers can reach as high as 400°F, which increases the risk of the user being burned by the mouthpiece or through exposed components. Check and see if your vape kit comes with any mouthpiece extenders or rubber sleeves for added protection from heat.
  3. Frequently clean and replace your filter screen for optimal air flow and flavor. Filter screens can become quite dirty over time.
  4. When starting out with a dry herb vaporizer, always begin at the lowest temperature possible and go from there. High temperatures may be too harsh for some users and tend to hit much harder than lower temperatures.
  5. Pay close attention to whether your herb vape utilizes combustion, direct-heat, or convection, indirect-heat. Each of these types of heating methods has its own pros and cons, making it entirely subjective.

Oil Vape Pen Tips

  1. Always keep your oil pen in an upright position after use. When oils are heated up the risk increases of them clogging your mouthpiece or atomizer.
  2. As with herb vapes, always start with the lowest heat possible. If you find the heat to be not enough, simply increase it from that starting point.
  3. When oil reaches cooler temperatures, it has the tendency to dry up and clog the mouthpiece often leaving the user confused as to why their vape is not working. If you think your vape is clogged, apply heat and inhale semi-vigorously to unclog the unit.
  4. Outside of standard 510-thread cartridges, not all cartridges fit every pen and vice versa. Pay close attention to your vape’s compatibility with other types of cartridges.
  5. In general, always go with a vape pen battery that offers variable temperature settings to fine-tune your experience. It can either be through pre-set temps or full temp control.

To Sum It Up

Hopefully, this article has clarified the differences between oil vape pens and herb vapes. While they are unique in their own ways, both devices serve the same purpose, to produce vapor. That said, the method of vapor production is unique to each vaporizer. Dry herb vapes utilize a heating chamber with convection or combustion heating while oil vapes specifically use combustion via a cartridge or tank. Depending on which option you choose, the convenience, smooth flavor, and simple use will leave you convinced that vaping is the way to go in comparison to other methods.

Written By: Colby M.

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