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Can Oil Vape Pens Explode?

October 07, 2020 0 Comments

Hands Holding Exploding Vapes with Explosion Graphics

With the increasing popularity of oil vape pens across the country, it is not uncommon to find wild rumors or crazy health claims about the benefits or dangers of vaping. While many of these claims are without merit, some claims do have evidence backing them.

For example, the mysterious vaping illness that gripped the country in 2019 was a real danger, but it was connected to black-market THC cartridges, not mainstream vape oils or e-juices. In fact, as long as you buy from reputable, established brands and follow the instructions that come with each device, you will avoid most all major safety problems. This includes the risk of an exploding oil vape pen!

Can Oil Vape Pens Explode

Oil vape pens can explode, but it requires a low-quality vape pen and extreme negligence on the part of the user. Cheap vape pens are cheap largely in part to their inexpensive, low-end batteries. These kinds of batteries present a lot of different problems, like long charge times, low power storage capabilities, and an overall short lifespan.

Vape That Has Exploded in a Hand

The inferior batteries also make it much more likely for the oil pen to explode. The “explosion” happens when the battery is overcharged or left in a hot environment, like inside a car on a summer day. These factors can ruin the battery of a high-quality pen, but it is extremely unlikely that the higher-end batteries would end up exploding. For the cheap vape pens with low-end batteries, shorting out, catching fire, or melting is much more likely.

This is the kind of risk you take when you buy a cheap, generic oil vape pen from a gas station or untrustworthy online retail store. If the price seems too good to be true, know that your cost savings are coming from the lack of safeguards in the vape pen.

How Can I Prevent My Battery from Overheating or Catching Fire?

While high-end oil vape pens are very unlikely to explode or catch fire, being negligent can still cause lasting damage to the battery or internal circuitry. Here are some easy steps you can follow to keep your vape pen in the best physical shape possible!

Do Not Overcharge

You should not leave your pen on a charger overnight. Instead, leave it plugged in where you can see it throughout the day. While charging, most oil vape pens will flash a red light, letting you know that charging is in progress. When charging is complete, the light will change from a blinking red light to a solid green light.

Being careful about how long your pen remains on its charger can help increase the lifespan of the battery inside!

Do Not Leave in Hot Places

Oil vape pens are so portable and easy to travel with that it can be easy to leave them in dangerous environments. If you do not have a pocket or some kind of travel bag, you can be tempted to leave your vape pen in your car while traveling away from home. You should never, ever do this.

Sun with Various Vapes on it

Temperatures inside a car get extremely hot, even on days when the temperature is pleasant and cool. When you force your vape battery to endure high temperatures, you risk damaging internal circuits on the pen, damaging the battery itself, or in extreme cases, causing the battery to discharge and catch fire.

If you are not in your care, then neither should your vape pen!

Do Not Overuse

Even if you have a top of the line oil vape pen, getting several hits without allowing the device to cool can cause problems. Allowing the battery to reach high temperatures in an attempt to keep up with your vape session can cause similar damage as leaving your vape pen in a hot place. Yes, for low-end vape pens, this means it could catch fire in your hands!

If your pen becomes physically hot to the touch or on your lips, let it take a break! Give the battery a chance to cool before taking another hit. It will not take long for the device to reach a safe temperature, so let it!

Where Can I Buy Safe, Reliable Oil Vape Pens?

Finding safe, high-quality vape pens can be a challenge, especially since the market is so saturated with products. However, there are several places you can find safe, reliable vape pens. If there is a vape shop that you frequent and trust, they likely can give recommendations for brands that they trust. This is also true of an online vape store that you frequent.

Of course, SteamCloud is a reliable brand you can trust to get high-quality oil vape pens! Check out our offerings and see which oil vape pen is right for you!

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