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Why Is My Oil Vape Pen Blinking When I Take A Hit?

October 07, 2020 0 Comments

Vape Pen with Lights Flashing in Background

Even with oil vape pens that are fairly basic, most can communicate a bounty of information to the user through a simple light system. Depending on if the lights are flashing or the color of the lights, your vape pen can tell you if it is charged, needs charging, and more!

The blinking light, however, can be confusing and can mean several different things. Your oil vape pen may not have even come with instructions detailing what all the lights mean. Fortunately, you are reading from the experts! Let’s dive in!

Why Is My Oil Vape Pen Blinking When I Take a Hit?

There are two primary reasons that your oil vape pen will blink when you attempt to take a hit.

Various Vape Charging Devices

Reason 1: Your Oil Pen Needs To Be Charged

If you can turn your vape pen on but it quickly blinks and turns off before you can take a hit at all, then it likely needs to be charged. This will be especially evident if you see the time it stays on growing shorter and shorter each time you attempt to take a hit.

As you might think, the solution is simple! Plug your oil vape into the charger with which it came and allow it to get a full charge. How long it will take to charge will vary depending on what specific model of vape pen you have, but it will likely need an hour or two to charge all the way up.

Reason 2: Your Vape Pen Is Too Hot

Many oil vape pens have safety features built into them, and a safety shut-off due to high internal temperatures is a common one. If you have taken several hits, and while taking another it blinks and shuts off, you probably need to let the pen cool. You do not need to do anything fancy to cool it, just let it sit for 10-15 minutes until taking another hit.

The reason why the safety shut-off exists in the first place is to protect both your oil vape battery and your oil vape cartridge. High temperatures can damage your vape battery and the circuitry in both your vape battery and your vape cartridge. If you happen to fry either one of those components, your only recourse will be buying replacements.

How Can I Know If My Battery Is Dead or If My Oil Vape Is Too Hot?

It can be frustrating to wait for your vape to cool down only to realize that the battery is dead. It can also be potentially damaging to plug in your vape pen when it is overheating. Fortunately, there are a few ways to tell which is happening without wasting time or damaging equipment.

Vape Battery That Needs to Be Charged, Vape with Flames around it

When Does the Oil Vape Begin to Blink?

If your vape pen consistently stays on and only blinks and turns off when you try to take a hit, that is a sure sign that your vape pen is too hot. The safety features will only turn the vape pen off during use, but it will not prevent the pen from turning on at all.

On the other hand, if the pen only stays on for a few seconds, regardless of what you try to do, it is very likely the battery is close to dead. All you need to do is plug it in!

How Hot Is Your Oil Vape?

If your oil vape is hot to the touch, then common sense would tell you that your pen is overheating! Likewise, if your pen is stone-cold, then the battery likely needs to be charged.

What Do the Other Lights on My Oil Vape Mean?

As we mentioned, your oil vape pen communicates a large amount of information through its simply light system. While what exactly is communicated will vary depending on the specific model of vape (and remember that some oil vapes do no have lights at all!). With that in mind, here are some common light colors that you will find and what they commonly mean!

Green Light

Green means go! The green light (which is sometimes blue), means things are good to go! This could simply indicate that your device is powered on and ready to be used, or if it is connected to a charger, it is an indication that the battery has fully charged and is ready to be removed. 

Red Light

The red light is usually an indication that something is amiss. A blinking red light while the device is charging just means that it is charging successfully. A solid red light while trying to use the device could indicate that something is not functioning properly, the cartridge is not fully connected, or another technical issue.

The exception is when the button is pressed while taking a hit. While pressed, it will generally show red to indicate that extra power is being supplied to produce that tasty vapor!

Oil Vape Light Takeaway

Most quality oil vape pens will come with a manual that clearly details what each kind of light means. Whenever you get a new oil vape pen, always take the time to thoroughly read the manual and learn the best ways to use and take care of your new product!

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