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Why Does My Vape Taste Burnt?

July 23, 2020 0 Comments

Tongue on fire with burnt taste

It has happened to all of us some time, you heat your vape and instead of that savory taste, and you get an awful burnt taste. Regardless of your experience as a vaper, the burning sensation from your vaping puts you off. Fair to say beginners have a larger share of the experience because they’re new to the process. That burnt sensation is a vaper’s nightmare because it can ruin your day or turn you completely away from vaping. Whether you’re vaping oil, wax, or dry herbs, there are several reasons you could get the burning sensation. Below, is a list of some of the reasons this could happen, how they happen and why—likewise, the good news - how you could avoid them.

1. Dry Firing an Empty Vape Tank

Now this is the most common reason on the list. Users, in the name of priming their vape, don’t let the cotton weak soak up oil or wax before heating. The wicks are designed to saturate concentrates adequately before heat is applied. When you don’t prime your vape properly, the taste or flavor the vape lets off is crushed for its lifetime or until you change some components of the vape. The impact is felt on the coil if it is heated such that you need to change the coil. Again, the entire cartridge may be shot too.

2. Temperature Setting is too High

Vaping at a relatively high temperature sends more power to the cartridge, thus heating the coil. To be sure, heating the coil is needed for vaping but vaping at high wattage is not ideal. Too much power pops out the coil or cartridge so that the flavor quality of the device is compromised. Even so, your concentrate vaporizes faster at a high temperature.

3. Too Much Consecutive Heating

The thing about vaping is when you’re really into it, you may not know when to stop. Some people could go for so long. If you are an extensive user, you’re most likely guilty of consecutive heating, and you may be lucky to have a coil that can handle the extensiveness. When you overheat the vape through long use, the concentrate thins out too and vaporizes fast. The amount of power within the vape is one thing, how long you hold onto the power-up button is another. You want to allow your coil to catch a cool before you go for another round. Also, some coils retain heat better than others, so consecutive heating might be unnecessary.

4. Vape Is Too Powerful

You have come across some powerful vapes like the SteamCloud Box Mod, however, you may never know the tenacity of a vape until you use it. Certain vapes at their lowest settings have full power. Also, they may be attached to other powerful components like the coil and cartridge, thus expelling more power. The cartridge may not necessarily be damaged, but the taste your vape gives will not be favorable.

5. No More Oil, Wax or Dry Herbs Left

Do you like to squeeze out every drop of your precious concentrate? Well, that may bring an end to the delicious taste you like. At first, it comes as a roasted taste before progressing into burnt. Allowing your coils to run out of oil or nearly out leaves the wick empty. There, your wick could even burn, so it is ideal to top-up when your oil level is not visible. Now, it is great to make the most of your concentrate and enjoy as much as you can, but hitting rock bottom is not good for your taste in the long run. If you intend to switch between flavors, top-up on the existing concentrate or pour it out.

6. Used and Abused Coil

Coils like any other part of any device can be swapped for a new one. Extensive usage or coil abuse affects the taste of your vaping material. The coil could still be working fine, but after a while, the elongated use begins to impact vapor taste.

7. Bad Coils or Vape Cartridge

New and experienced vapers alike can relate with the fact that all vapes are not created equal. This fact is quite easy to verify via hardware component, vapor quality as well as flavor quality. For Instance, some wicks can no longer match up to ceramic and quartz coils, especially with reference to the flavor and vapor feature. They were quick to lose out because manufacturers turned to using cheaper and inferior fibers in place of the quality seen in their competitors. Therefore, bad coils or vape cartridges predispose a vape to burnt sensation.

8. Vapor Pathway Resin

The pathway resin of vapes differ, thus making some vapes more complex than the other. No matter, your vape should perform well each time you use it. However, clog accumulation from concentrate or herbs tend to keep the pathway in poor working condition. This affects both your taste and the airways.

9. Bad Vape Oil or Wax

Some vape juices are a challenge to coils because their quality does not match up to the capacity of the vape. Juices with high VG are quite viscous and not so suitable for use. They are not readily absorbed because they are too thick and cause coil wicks to fail. When the coil is affected, the vape is ultimately affected too. Also, sugary concentrates pose the same problem and give off a burnt taste.

    How to Get Rid of Burnt Taste

    By now, you understand that there are various reasons a vape could have a burnt taste. Still, ridding your vape of its burnt taste depends on the reason it got the burnt taste in the first place. Reasons aside, you may not always have a way to fix the burning taste.

    If it’s a dry firing thing, you should learn to prime your coil better. But if it has to do with the temperature, work with the recommended temperature for your vape. Turn it down.

    In the case of a burnt wick, you may need to replace the entire coil or cartridge of the vape. Also, allow the coil to cool down well before you vape. Regarding a clogged vapor pathway resin, consider using light juices with lesser viscosity. But if using a light juice is not an option for you, clean out your vape regularly and avoid extensive use.

    Vape Taste Tip: Prime the Heating Chamber and Vape Coils

    Priming a new coil is one of the simplest things anyone could do. First of all, ensure that your coil is compatible with the vape you’re about to pick or are using. Most of these vapes have a temperature range, be sure to stay within the range to avoid overheating. For vape tank coils,

    • Get your new coil out of the box
    • Allow some concentrate to reach into the wick via the wicking holes
    • Put the tank together and fill it up with choice concentrate
    • Screw the tank onto the mod and sit for a while; a few minutes.
    • Put your mouth over the tip of the tank and draw gently without applying any heat.
    • To vape, start from the lowest temperature wattage until you find yourself a preferable spot.
    • If you experience any spit back, try raising the temperature higher for a while. Just until the spit back goes away then go back to your preferred level.

    For dry herbs, it's best to prime the heating chamber by setting it on high temperature while the chamber is empty. Let it stay for a minute or two.

    With wax pens, the process is pretty much the same. Place your lips on the mouthpiece while power is off so that some liquid can reach the wick. This is a fundamental way of avoiding any dry hit. As you begin to vape, make the hits short until you’re sure the wick is saturated enough. Then slowly adjust to a preferred level.

    Written By: Emmanual O.

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