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Are Box Mods Better Than Vape Pens?

October 07, 2020 0 Comments

SteamCloud Box Mod on Desk with Apple Computer

In the oil vaping world, there are two primary kinds of vaping devices: vape pens and box mods. Each kind of device enjoys a large, loyal following of users and holds their own unique pros and cons. However, the question of which is better remains! Read below and we will examine how vape pens compare to box mods!

Box Mod Advantages Over Vape Pens

Box mods have several advantages that make them appealing to certain vape enthusiasts.

Precision Heating

Most box mods have precision heating options. Instead of having a few preset heating choices, like most vape pens, box mods allow you to dial into specific degrees of heat in the range they support. If you plan on using attachments to vape other substances than oil (like wax concentrates or dry herbs), this is an appealing feature to have.

Huge Batteries

The reason why box mods are called “box” mods is due to their shape that looks like a box. The box body allows for large a large, powerful vape battery. This allows for days-long vaping sessions or makes box mods perfect for using power-hungry attachments, like those used for vaping dry herbs.

In many box mods, these batteries can be replaced, which is a feature you almost never see in a vape pen. Being able to replace the battery greatly increases the lifespan of your box mod!

Vape Pens Versus SteamCloud Box Mods

Attachment Compatibility

This is likely the strongest advantage that box mods have over vape pens. Because box mods have such large batteries and precision heating options, this makes them compatible with a wide range of different attachments. While this is ideal for wax concentrate or dry herb attachments, specialty oil tanks have specific power requirements that many vape pens struggle to meet.

Not only do you have to be concerned about the battery power and the range of heating options, but you also have to consider resistance requirements, and even if the device can physically equip a large tank or other attachment. Some tanks are so large and bulky that you risk damage to a vape pen if you tried to use them together!

If you want access to a wide range of attachments or the ability to choose from a variety of specialty oil tanks, then a box mod is a great choice!

Vape Pen Advantages Over Box Mods

While the advantages of a box mod over a vape pen are clear, vape pens are not without their own unique features.


Vape pens, due to their small size and inconspicuous shape, are very easy to discreetly use in public settings. If you want to vape while you are out and about, then vape pens have a clear edge in design. It is much harder to be discreet when you have a large, bulky device producing huge amounts of vapor with each puff!

Vape Batteries and Box Mods

Ease of Use

Vape pens are extremely easy to use, which makes them attractive choices for first-time users. They usually have a few preset heat settings (sometimes they only have one!), and a single button used to power on, to power off, and to fire the device to produce vapor.

For a user who is just getting used to vaping and does not want to worry about all the precision features that a box mod offers, vape pens continue to offer an attractive solution.


Vape pens, due to their small size and simplicity, are very inexpensive. It is easy to find a quality vape pen that will meet most basic vaping needs for $20 or less. You can find high-end vape pens that are loaded with specialty features that fetch a much higher price, but there is a huge variety of products within that budget-friendly range.

The low cost makes vape pens attractive to those trying vaping for the first time, or even for experienced vaping enthusiasts who are looking to add a device to their collection.

Are Box Mods or Vape Pens Better?

The answer to this question depends on which device best fits your current vaping needs. If you want a device that is high-powered, full-featured, and able to handle all different kinds of attachments and oil tanks, then you will want to consider a box mod.

On the other hand, if you want a small, discreet device that is cheap to get and easy to use but also provides a quality vaping experience, then a vape pen is likely in your future. You may decide that you want to move on to a box mod as you become more familiar with vaping, or you may realize that a vape pen is exactly what you need!

Where Can I Find Box Mods and Vape Pens?

Box mods and vape pens are commonplace products anymore. You can find them in vape shops, head shops, CBD specialty stores, and even in gas stations (though we do not recommend buying from there). You can also go online for a much larger selection of products.

Of course, you can start your shopping right here at We have both vape pens and box mods from which to choose, and anything you buy will come with FREE U.S. shipping with no purchase minimum required!

Written by:  Matthew Hickman

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