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Original SteamCloud Box Mod Vape Review

May 15, 2018 0 Comments

SteamCloud Box Mod Vape Review

Below is a review of the original SteamCloud Box Mod.

When you think of box mods, the first images that might pop into your head are of bulky, heavy vape batteries that only the most dedicated vaper would carry around. The SteamCloud Box Mod is none of those things. Instead, it is a compact and discreet box mod with an overall profile that is much smaller than your average mod.

For the longest time, the only box mods available on the market were large, powerful devices with a host of useful features. This was great for people who wanted to control every aspect of their vaping experience. However, those who wanted the controls offered by these mods paired with discreetness were out of luck. That is until the SteamCloud made its way onto the market.

The SteamCloud is a combination of the power and functionality of a large box mod squeezed into one, tiny package. It has all the features you would expect from a well-rounded mod. It lets you adjust the watts, use temperature controlled coils, and it has a strong battery for all-day vaping.

SteamCloud Box Mod Kit Contents

The SteamCloud comes complete with a black, somewhat soft but very protective travel case. The travel case is durable and will protect the mod when you take it on the go. Inside the case is everything you need to get started:

  • SteamCloud Box Mod
  • 1300mAH Battery
  • Micro USB Charger
  • User Manual

Why Buy the SteamCloud Box Mod?

When you are looking to invest into a box mod, there are usually several needs you want the vape to meet. Some of the primary needs are longer battery lives, more controls over temperature and watts, as well as portability and how well the mod will hold up under daily use. I personally found the SteamCloud to meet all those requirements, and then some. Let’s look at the mods most notable advantages:

  • Super small and discreet, yet as powerful as a large box mod
  • Versatile and works with almost any 510-threaded attachments
  • High tech, can adjust from 0.1 watts to 40 watts and has a bright OLED screen

One of the biggest aspects of the SteamCloud is just how small and powerful it is. It is by and far smaller than your average run of the mill box mods. It is also far more powerful than the average vape pen style batteries, yet it still fits just as nicely in the palm of your hand. This makes the SteamCloud one of the most discreet and portable mods you can find.

The next really great thing about the SteamCloud is its versatility. One thing I really look for in a mod is whether it is compatible with a range of attachments, which this one is. The SteamCloud will accept any attachments that are 510-threaded, whether its oil cartridges or dry herb and wax atomizers. Most of all vape tech these days use 510 threads, so the majority of devices will work on the SteamCloud.

Another awesome feature of this mod is the technology the makers fit into such a small box. The SteamCloud gives you total control over your vaping experience. For starters, it supports atomizers ranging from 0.1ohm to 1ohm. You can also adjust the watts from 0.1 all the way up to 40. Or, if you are using temperature controlled devices, you can change the temperature from 200°F up to 600°F (90°C to 300°C). The mod also has a clean and easy-to-read OLED display screen that shows the current watts or temperature, as well as the ohms of the attached coil.

All-in-all, I have found the SteamCloud to be a well-rounded box mod. It has all the features you would expect from a good vape battery all neatly placed within a small box. The combination of discreetness, long battery life, and range of controls makes it a strong contender on the box mod marketplace. 

How to Use the SteamCloud Box Mod

Using a box mod vape for the first time can be a little nerve wracking, especially when the technology is new to you. However, the SteamCloud makes using the various features a painless and easy process. There is a total of three buttons on the mod: a large fire button that doubles as the power button, and two small “+” and “-“ buttons that let you adjust the temperature and watts, as well as change through the various modes.

Charging the Box Mod

It is typically recommended to use whatever charge that has come with the battery and then fully charge it when needed. To charge the mod all you need is a USB outlet, such as the ones on your computer or a wall adapter. Simply plug the small end of the charging cord into the mod and the other end into the outlet. The SteamCloud should take around two hours to fully charge. As it is charging, the battery meter on the OLED screen will flash. When the charging is complete, the battery meter will stop flashing.

Turning the Box Mod On or Off

You can turn the SteamCloud on by quickly pressing the large power button five times in a row. The OLED screen will light up so you know that the device in on and ready to be used. To turn it off, you do the same five clicks. The screen will go dark to indicate that it is powered down. As a safety feature, the mod will auto power off after being idle for several minutes.

Changing the SteamCloud Box Mod Settings

The SteamCloud has several modes to choose from. The mode you use depends on the type of atomizer you are using. There is the watt mode for standard atomizers and a mode for each type of temperature control coil: Ni200 TC, Ti TC, and SS316 TC. The mod will be on watt mode by default. To change the modes, hold in both the + and - buttons until the device displays the mode it is currently on. Then, you can use either of the + and - buttons to switch through the different modes.

Adjusting the Watts or Temperature Of The Box Mod

The + and - buttons allow you to adjust the watts or temperature, depending on what mode you are in. You simply press the buttons to adjust accordingly.

SteamCloud Box Mod Tips

Having used the SteamCloud quite extensively, I came across a couple things that have made my experience with the device easier. The main thing I would recommend as a tip is starting with low watts. Regardless of what type of atomizer you are using, it is a safe and smart idea to start with the lowest possible temperature or watt setting.

If you run too many watts to your coil, you risk frying it, after which it will no longer be useable. Or, it will burn whatever you are vaping and put off a repulsive taste. I recommend starting out at 0.1 watts and slowly work your way up. This is especially true for disposable cartridges because if you fry the coil, there’s no way to replace it and you risk losing the valuable liquid inside.

Another cool tip I would like to share involves the included travel case. Usually these cases are sold separately, so the fact the SteamCloud came with one was nice. I found that it not only keeps the mod safe, but I can also fit a couple oil cartridges inside it as well. The case is small and easy to keep out of sight, and could fit in even the most cramped of gloveboxes or backpacks. 

Maintaining and Cleaning Your SteamCloud Mod

In general, the SteamCloud does not require much cleaning or maintenance. Beside wiping the mod off with a dry cloth to remove any leaky oils or residue from delicious, greasy food, there is no real need to clean the mod. Just take care not to get the mod wet as it can short circuit the electrical components.

The only thing that you will ever need to replace on the mod is the battery. However, the included battery is quite powerful, and should have a very long overall lifetime. If you do need to replace the battery, it is an easy process. Simply remove the magnetic battery cover, pull the battery out, and slide a new one in. There is no need for tools or to fumble around with tiny screws.  

Is the SteamCloud Right for Me?

When shopping for a new box mod, you have a huge number of devices to choose from. The one you pick will be the one that meets or exceeds your personal preferences. If you are looking for a powerful mod with a range of features to customize your vaping experience, but you also want something sleek and discreet, then the SteamCloud is just what you need.

The SteamCloud gets the job done, whether you are vaping e-liquid, oils, dry herbs, or wax. Its ability to adjust watts in 0.1 increments means you can fine tune whatever you are vaping. Its small design and long battery life also make it great for on the go vaping. I am certain that, should you choose the SteamCloud, you will be happy with your new mod.

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