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Original SteamCloud Mini Oil Vape Pen Review

May 01, 2018 0 Comments

SteamCloud Mini Oil Vape Pen Review

The SteamCloud Mini is the most discreet and convenient approach to vaping with an oil cartridge.  The vape battery is small, portable, and designed to house almost any skinny, 510-threaded cartridge available on the market. With a battery designed to last the average user all day, the SteamCloud Mini is one of the most compact batteries for vaping on the down low.

Years ago, oil concentrates were dwarfed by the regular old dry herbs, and for the most part it still is. However, the preference towards oils for many reasons has skyrocketed and vaping these oil cartridges has become very popular.  The clean, simple set up is a very big reason.  Plus, vaporization has become very popular for people who are sensitive to smoke and want a different option.

The size of vaporizers has also evolved from clunky tabletop oddities to pocket-sized pen vapes. The SteamCloud Mini has evolved even further with its new side-by-side battery design that features a sleek, hollow chassis that stows away the oil cartridge right next to the battery.  A magnetic adapter attaches the cartridge to the battery, so there is no need to fumble around screwing stuff together, and the magnet is super strong so do not worry about things coming apart. Enjoy while the 650mah battery delivers consistent, flavorful puffs, and holds a larger charge than many of its pen-shaped competitors.

What Comes in the SteamCloud Mini Kit?

The SteamCloud Mini comes with all the parts you need to start vaping your oil cartridges. It also comes with spare, magnetic adapters in the event you lose one, or if you plan on using two different cartridges and want to easily swap them out. The vape kit includes:

  • SteamCloud Mini Vape Battery
  • 2 Magnetic Oil Cartridge Adapters
  • USB Charging Cable
  • Instruction Manual

Why Buy the SteamCloud Mini?

The SteamCloud Mini has many advantages over other oil vape batteries. Whether it is its innovative hideaway design or its super compact profile, the mini stands apart as a unique and stealthy vape. Here is a list of its primary features:

Side-by-Side Vape Design

The mini allows you to insert your cartridge right next to the battery housing for added stealth and portability. Compare this to alternative options that basically leave you with a giant stick in your pocket.

Small But Powerful

Even with the new innovative design, the mini still has more storage capacity than the average vape battery. It is powerful and will last the average user all day no problem.

Magnetic Connection

The mini’s magnetic connections make swapping your cartridges out a simple and easy process. With a quality strong magnet, you Never have to worry about the cartridge falling out.

SteamCloud Mini Features

When it comes to stealth, the SteamCloud Mini knows how to keep itself out of sight.  One of the nicest features of the mini is its hide-away design that allows you to conceal your oil cartridge inside the battery housing. Once in place, only the mouthpiece is visible on the top. The mini also has a small viewing window in its side so you can keep an eye on your oil levels. This type of design and setup means you do not have to worry about the cartridge taking up any extra space, or, god forbid, it snapping off in your pocket while trying to quickly stash it away.

To say the SteamCloud Mini is discreet is somewhat of an understatement. Coupled with its ability to hide the cartridge, the mini just might be the smallest oil vape available. There is no doubt that you can completely hide it all within the palm of your hand. This type of design makes vaping discretely on the go easier than ever. The mini is also sleek, so when it comes time to reveal it to your friends, they will no doubt be impressed.

The SteamCloud uses magnetic connections as opposed to screws. Attach one of the small yet powerful magnetic adapters to the bottom of your oil cartridge and you will be able to slip it in and out of the vape battery will ease.  There is no risk of it slipping out unintentionally, even under quite a bit of force.  When it comes time to change the cartridge, you just simply slide it out and slide the new one in.

Unlike some other pen-style batteries, the mini has a powerful 650mah battery that will last the average user an entire day on a full charge.  This is quickly becoming the option for vapers that once used the pen-style vape pens of the past.  The SteamCloud hits like a champion and delivers reliable, flavorful clouds. It is sure to become any oil user's new best friend. 

How to Use the SteamCloud Mini

Using the SteamCloud Mini is an easy, straightforward task. Inside the kit is everything you need to begin vaping any skinny, 510 oil cartridges.  Just screw on one of the magnetic adapters and use the one button on the device that will turn the Mini on or off, and it is used to heat the cartridge.

Charging the Mini

Typically with electronics it is best to use the received device until it runs out of battery and then give it a full charge. You will want to completely charge your SteamCloud and use the included USB charging cord to connect the device to your computer or a wall adapter to begin charging. You will notice a light come on inside the battery. When this light turns off, the mini has finished charging. The battery will not take long to charge, and care should be taken to avoid over-charging.

Attaching the Magnetic Adapter

You will find two metal rings inside the kit. These are the magnetic adapters. Before inserting your oil cartridge, you will need to screw one of these rings onto the bottom of the cartridge – this will create a tight and secure connection between the battery and cartridge.  You want to make sure the ring is secure, but there is no need to over-tighten it.

Inserting the Cartridge

Once the magnetic ring is in place, you can slide the oil cartridge into the SteamCloud Mini. You will want to press down on the cartridge to ensure it is in completely, but no need to press down with too much force, you will hear the two sides click together.

Turning the Mini On or Off

To turn the SteamCloud on or off, press the button five times fast. Always have the vape turned off when in your pocket or bag, but regardless, you can be confident with another safety feature that will power off the Mini when the button is held for longer than 10 seconds. This protects it from accidentally burning out the oil cartridge, or even firing for too long when shoved in your pocket or carrying case. As a good practice, keep the mini off when not using it.

Vaping the Oil

To begin vaping your oil, simply press and hold the button while taking a draw. The amount of time you will want to hold the button depends on the size of hit you want to take. Take gradual pulls and in time you will become one with the Mini.

SteamCloud Mini Tips

Like all new devices, it takes a little time and experience before you have mastered every aspect of the vape. During my own time using the SteamCloud, I have come across a couple tips to make using it simpler and easier.

For one, you might want to watch out for the metal ring adapters that come with the kit. They are small and easy to lose if you are not careful. Since accidents happen, if you do lose both rings, all hope is not lost. You can still insert the oil cartridge into the SteamCloud and use it. The only difference is it will no longer stay in place via magnets, and you may have to press down on the cartridge to make a good connection to the battery.

On another note, the SteamCloud is a heavy hitter. This means you can get a lot bigger hits from it over those disposable pen-shaped batteries. If you are taking a lot of hits in succession and you notice the vapor is tasting dry or burned, try waiting a second before the next puff. The coils in pre-filled cartridges are quite small, and you want to give the wicking material enough time to absorb the thick oil and even cool down a bit before hitting it again.

Maintaining and Cleaning the SteamCloud Mini

When it comes to cleaning and upkeep, the SteamCloud Mini generally does not require any special attention. If the vape picks up any dirt or residue when you are vaping on the go, you can use a plain, dry cloth to clean it up. The only thing to watch out for is getting the mini wet, as it can cause its inner-components to short circuit. On occasion, you may find you have a leaky cartridge and it has left oil on the inside of the mini. If this happens, you can clean the oil out using something small and gentle, such as a cotton swab.

Is the SteamCloud Mini for Me?

We have covered what makes the SteamCloud a solid, discreet vape battery, but, is it right for you? The answer depends on what you are looking for when it comes to vaping from oil cartridges. If you are looking for a discreet, portable battery, it is hard to find something as relevant and solid as the mini. Based on its size, plus the ability to completely hide the cartridge, the SteamCloud Mini is perhaps to most discreet battery online or in stores.

In addition to its size, the SteamCloud also has a powerful, long lasting battery. If you are looking for a battery that will not only last all day, but also deliver fat, juicy rips every time you hit it, then you will appreciate the power of the mini. It is a high quality vaporizer that will continue to get the job done throughout your daily life.

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