Best Vape Pens for Vape Cartridges

SteamCloud Stylus Vape Pen

The SteamCloud Stylus is a button-less 510 thread vape battery with a stylus point on the bottom. Great for using with you phone, especially when you're in the middle of a vape session. Use this with any skinny 510 oil cartridge and you'll never be disappointed. 

Stylus Vape Pen Kit includes

  • 1 SteamCloud Stylus Vape Pen
  • 1 USB Charger

Stylus Vape Pen Details

  • For use with Oil Vape Cartridges
  • Inhale-Activation Technology - battery does not include a button and instead is activated when you take the puff
  • Battery Safety Shut-Off - automatically shuts down after activating for 8 seconds straight
  • Stylus Tip - can be used as stylus pen to navigate and operate a cell phone
  • Battery Capacity - 280mah
  • Durable Matte Finish 

Stylus Oil Vape FAQ

  1. Can the Vape Battery be used with Wax or Dry Herb Cartridges? The Stylus is specifically designed for use with Oil Cartridges.  It simply does not have the features or enough power to serve as a dry herb vape pen.  And although technically, with a skinny, 510 wax cartridge attached, you may be able to get it to heat for some moments, the Stylus is not ideal for wax and we would instead recommend all of our other vape pen options.
  2. Does this Vape Battery have a Button? No, this oil vape battery is button-less.  Simply charge and attach an oil cartridge.  The vape battery is activated when you attach an oil cartridge and take a puff.

How to Operate the Stylus Vape Pen Battery

  1. The vape battery will come with a charge and ready to use out of the box. However, when needed, charge the vape pen battery.
  2. With a charged battery, simply attach a skinny, 510 thread oil cartridge. To attach the oil cartridge, just screw it on to the top of the battery.  Do not screw too tightly or too loosely, and you can always adjust if needed.
  3. Once a cartridge is attached, to start vaping, simply take a long pull from the oil cartridge mouthpiece. As you take a pull, the lights at the bottom of the vape will activate and light up.  Not all cartridges are created equally – some have a higher resistance than others, so you may find yourself taking shorter or longer pulls to achieve varying degrees of vapor output.
  4. When the vaping session is finished, we recommend removing the oil cartridge, or unscrewing it slightly to disconnect the electric connection between the battery and the cartridge.
  5. For best care, when finished, make sure to leave the battery stored in a cool, dry place. And make sure to keep your oil cartridges stored standing upright to minimize leaks and a sticky mess. 

How to Charge the Stylus Vape Pen Battery

  1. To charge the Stylus battery, first plug the USB charger into a power source like a computer or wall charger. When the USB charger is plugged in and properly working, the LED light will be green.
  2. With a properly plugged in USB charger, you can now screw the battery into the other end. As with the cartridge, do not screw too tightly or too loosely, and you can always adjust if needed.  When the battery is properly screwed into the charger, the light on the USB will go from green to red.  In addition, the red lights on the bottom of the battery will light up.
  3. Once the battery is fully charged, the light on the USB charger will turn green, and the lights at the bottom of the battery just stay the same way, on and red.
  4. Once charged, remove the battery from the charger, and remove the charger from the power source. Leaving the battery charging longer than necessary will lead to over-charging, and ultimately degrade the battery faster than usual.  This goes for all batteries in general, so do not leave it charging overnight.
  5. Once charged and removed from the USB charger, it is time to attach an oil cartridge and start vaping. If you do not plan to vape, just make sure to store the battery away in a cool, dry place for vaping action at a later date.

Stylus Oil Vape Pen Troubleshooting

Oil vapes and vaporizers in general are electronics, and although rare, it is possible for an issue to occur.  If you have received a vape and are having issues, the first thing to do is, go through the Operating and Charging Instructions above.  First make sure you have that right.  If you are still experiencing an issue after going over all instructions, see the troubleshooting topics we cover below.

My Vape Stopped Working - If you have been using the vape for a long time and are certain there is an issue, please understand the Stylus Oil Battery will not last forever.  If you have vaped a couple cartridges and the vape has stopped operating, it is possible the vape battery has run its life and is now completely dead.  The Stylus is a great oil vape option, and the lowest price option we offer, however, we do have other options such as the EVOD or Box Mod Vape that will have a longer life expectancy.

My Vape Does Not Work – if you have attached an oil cartridge and nothing happens when you take a pull, first make sure you have read the operating & charging instructions properly.  If the light indicators during charging show a working, charged battery, yet nothing lights up when you try to take a puff, it is possible that your cartridge is burnt out.  Even if it has not been used, it is possible you have a bad oil cartridge.  If another oil vape battery is on hand, we recommend testing the oil cartridge to determine whether the battery or the cartridge is the issue.

My Vape Does Not Work 2 – although far rarer, it is possible that both the battery and cartridge work, but the issue is the connection between the two.  The Stylus has a shallow connection to work with 99% of the cartridges on the market, however, if an oil cartridge screw-piece is extremely short, it is possible the metal connection pieces never touch between the two, inhibiting the transfer of any electricity.

The Vapors are very light – tif you are looking for huge vapor clouds, there are other vape pen options for you. The Stylus has a single, voltage output setting.  A setting that works with just about any skinny, 510 oil cartridge.  The setting allows for smooth and tasty vapors, but not enough power to blow big vapor clouds.  In addition, not all cartridges are created equally and some have a higher resistance rating than others – that means some cartridges resist the vape battery’s electric output more or less than others.  The less resistance a cartridge has, the easier the battery’s energy will flow to it.  Higher resistance oil cartridges will require more electricity to get hot versus lower resistance oil cartridges.  Therefore you may find that from cartridge to cartridge, the same 3 second puff does not always produce the same amount of vapor.  Plus, the coil 5 minutes into a session will be hotter than when just starting the vaping session.  In addition, the viscosity, or thickness of your oil will impact the heat needed to turn it into vapors.

The Vape Battery will not Charge – If you try to vape and nothing seems to activate, perhaps you need a charge.  To charge the oil vape battery, simply follow the Charging instructions we have laid out.  They are details and will give you step-by-step instructions.  If you are experiencing something outside those Charging Instructions details, you may have an issue.  If you screw the battery into the charger, and then the lights blink and shut off on both the battery and the charger, then there is likely an issue with the USB charger. 

Stylus Oil Vape Tips

  1. Leave the Vape Pen, more specifically, the oil cartridge upright – oil is a liquid, and if you leave an oil cartridge on its side, you risk the oil leaking out and the mouthpiece can become clogged. If you plan to vape oil cartridges often, you should get yourself a silicone oil cartridge stand.
  2. Bring the Charger for long trips – the usb charger is tiny, just like this oil vape pen. The discreet size caps the battery storage at 280mah, so if you plan to go out all-day and night, just bring the charger, it can save a night.
  3. Stylus for your Cell Phone – the bottom of the vape pen has a soft, rubber, stylus tip. This tip is meant for use on phone screens.  It makes navigating on the phone easy, especially for those with big fingers.

SteamCloud Stylus vs EVOD

The Stylus Oil Vape is pretty much the most basic type of vaporizer you can get – it doesn’t even have a button, and the battery has a single voltage setting for a smooth vapor experience.  The Stylus weighs pretty much nothing and could not be much more discreet.  The SteamCloud EVOD on the other hand, is a larger battery with 900mah vs the Stylus 280mah.  The EVOD will last 3 times longer than the Stylus, plus it has a dial which allows you to adjust the battery’s voltage output – go from smooth vapors to massive rips in no time.  The EVOD is not as small and discreet, but it still can fit in just about any pocket and doesn’t take up much space.

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