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SteamCloud Micro Vape Pen

The SteamCloud Micro is a super small battery with variable voltage functionality. It's super discreet and can easily fit in your pocket. Most 510 thread oil cartridges will work with this super portable vape battery. 

SteamCloud Micro Kit Includes

  • 1 SteamCloud Micro Vape Battery (oil cartridges NOT included)
  • 1 Micro USB Charger 
  • 1 Protective Box 
  • 1 User Manual 

Features and Specifications

  • Variable Voltage - 3 Settings - 3.2, 3.7, or 4.0 volts.
  • Battery Capacity - 360mAh
  • Shut-off Function - 10 second
  • Safety Function 5 Click Safety Feature
  • Compatibility - Dry Herbs, Wax, and Oil
  • Output/Input - 1.5A/1.5A
  • Resistance - 2.4

SteamCloud Micro FAQ

Can this vape be used with Wax or Dry Herb Cartridges?

Yes! As long as the attachment is threaded with a skinny 510 thread design, the SteamCloud Micro provides enough power for oil, waxes, and dry herbs! You may need additional attachments depending on your product of choice. For example, if vaping with an attachment meant for dry herbs, we always recommend using a glass filter to help reduce combustion and to give a smoother, more satisfying vaping experience. 

Does this vape battery have a button? 

Yes! The battery has a button towards the middle of the body of the pen. Five clicks will power the battery on, and 5 clicks will power the battery off. In addition, the button will need to be held in order to take a draw from your chosen attachment. If the power button is held for 10 seconds, the vape battery will automatically shut down. There is also a dial at the bottom of the vape battery that allows for voltage customization, which may need to be adjusting depending on your vape product of choice. Aside from the power button and the voltage dial, there are no other buttons.

How to Operate the SteamCloud Micro Vape Battery

The SteamCloud Micro will come with some battery charge, which is a convenient feature to ensure that the vape battery is not DOA. It can be used immediately out of the box, though we always recommend a full charge for the best vaping experience, especially if you plan on a longer vaping session right out of the gate.

Once the SteamCloud Micro is fully charged, attach a skinny 510 thread attachment of oil, wax, or dry herb. This can be down by twisting the attachment clockwise on top of the vape battery. Make sure the attachment is not too loosely or too tightly screwed on. Too loosely will not allow the electrical points to make contact and you will not be able to take a draw. Too tightly may damage the electrical connection, ruining your cartridge, vape battery, or both.

Once an attachment is connected, it is time to power the vape battery on. Quickly press the power button five times and a light will flash to indicate the pen has successfully powered on. 

Once the vape battery has been powered on and attached, it is time to start vaping. Press and hold the power button (you will see a light while it is pressed) and take a draw from the mouthpiece of the attachment. As you may use varied attachments, the actual duration of your pull will also vary, as some may be longer or shorter. If you hold the button down for 10 seconds or longer, the built-in battery safety will activate, causing the vape battery to completely shut off. You will need to click the power button five times again in order to turn the vape battery back on.

When you have completed the vaping session, click the power button five times to power the pen down. For best battery care, remove the attachment from the battery, or twist the attachment enough to break the electrical current between the cartridge and the vape battery.  This will help protect both your cartridge, as well as you vape battery, in the rare event of an electrical malfunction. 

The vape battery should always be stored in a cool, dry place for maximum lifespan. We also recommend any attachments be stored upright to help avoid accidental leaks.

How to Charge the SteamCloud Micro Vape Battery

First, plug the included USB charger into an available power source. Once connected, you will find a micro USB connection at the bottom of the SteamCloud Micro. Connect the micro USB charger into this connection. While the battery is charging, the light on the SteamCloud Micro will flash red. When it has reached a complete charge, the light will show green. Never charge your battery overnight. This will cause overcharging and will damage the life of the battery.

SteamCloud Micro Vape Battery Troubleshooting

Though the SteamCloud Micro is a fantastic vape, it is possible that you will experience technical issues with the device, however rare they may be. If you experience a problem, be sure you have gone through the operating instructions as well as the charging instructions that are listed above. Should problems persist, we have common troubleshooting scenarios listed below.

My Vape Stopped Working:  If your vape has suddenly stopped functioning, there are a few things to try! Firstly, is the issue with the battery or the cartridge?  It is possible the battery has run out of juice. Disconnect the attachment from the battery and plug the battery into the included USB charger. If the light shows red, let it charge until it shows green. Also, if lack of vapors is the issue, check to make sure that you have not run out of distillate in your attachment! No oil, wax, or dry herb means no vaping!

My Vape Does Not Work 2:  As always, make sure you have reviewed the operating and charging instructions listed above to ensure that a critical step has not been skipped. However, if the light on the battery indicates a sufficient charge (it should show green), the power button will light up when you press it.  If it does not show a light, and you have tried charging, there is an issue with the battery.  If the power button lights up when pressed, the battery is working and the issue is either the connection with the cartridge or the cartridge itself.  When you try to take a draw, it is possible that the particular cartridge attachment that you have is burnt out. If the cartridge has not yet been used, although rare, it is possible that it is a bad cartridge. The best way to test this is by using another available attachment to see if the problem repeats itself.  If it works with one cartridge and not the other, then the cartridge attachment is the issue.

My Vapes Does Not Work 3:  Though this scenario is far rarer, it is possible that cartridge and the battery are both fine, but they are simply incompatible with one another due to size. The screw-part that connects the cartridge to the battery could be too short to connect to the electrical nodes in the vape battery, causing neither to function.  If you have another vape battery, you can see if that is the issue.  Although not common, it is possible for a cartridge to work with other vape batteries and not the Micro.

The Vapors are very light:  Different cartridges offer different resistances, or how easily electricity can be transferred. In addition, different oils, waxes, and dry herbs are going to take a different amount of power for similar draws. If you find the vapors are very light, try adjusting the wattage to a higher setting (the wattage dial can be found at the bottom of the vape battery). A higher wattage output will mean more power to the attached cartridge, which in turn will help you get a thicker draw. Also, the attachment will continue to heat through an extended vaping session, which will aid in getting a more substantial draw. You may have to experiment and try different settings for different oils, waxes, and other attachments to find the perfecting setting for that particular cartridge.

The Vape Battery will not Charge:  If you have reviewed the charging and operating instructions and are still having issues, it is possible the device needs to charge. If you have followed the charging instructions and are still having issues, then there may be a problem with the charger or the vape battery itself. If the battery flashes while off the charger, but no lights are visible when they are connected, it is likely an issue with the charger. If there are no lights regardless of how the vape battery is connected, it is more than likely an issue with the battery itself. 

Steam Cloud Mini Vape Battery Tips

Leave the oil cartridge upright:  If you leave your cartridges loosely connected to your battery, then leave the battery upright. This will help prevent accidental leaks, which can ruin the cartridge and damage your battery. If your oils or vape battery cannot be easily balanced, there are oil cartridge holders that can be purchased that make this easy.

Bring the Charger while traveling:  Batteries are not forever! Even with vape batteries that are particularly large, they can be depleted through a day of heavy vaping. Keep the charger handy if you plan on going on a trip or even if you plan on going out for the day and heavily using it. 

SteamCloud Micro vs SteamCloud EVOD 

The SteamCloud Micro and the SteamCloud EVOD are very similar. They are both pens in design, they both can handle oil, wax, or dry herb attachments, and they both offer customization of the wattage output. However, the important difference between the two is the battery itself. The SteamCloud Micro has a 360mAh battery with variable voltage settings of 3.2, 3.7, and 4.0 volts. The SteamCloud EVOD has a 900mAh battery with variable voltage settings of 3.3, 3.8, 4.3, and 4.8 volts. That means the EVOD is going to last longer on a single charge and be able to more easily handle a wider variety of distillates and cartridges with ranging resistances. Do not let looks fool you, the power difference between these two products is significant.

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