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SteamCloud Box Mod Vape

The SteamCloud Box Mod is one of the most powerful vaporizer batteries amongst all of our vapes. You can use this vape mod battery with dry herbs, wax, or oils. Take powerful hits and blow out huge clouds as you wish. It's one of the smallest box mods on the market and the batery lasts a very long time. 

SteamCloud Box Mod Vape Kit Includes

  • 1 SteamCloud Box Mod Vape
  • 1 USB Charging Cable 
  • 1 Lanyard Necklace for hands-free action 
  • 1 User Manual 
  • 1 Protective Travel Case

Box Mod Vape Details

  • Dimensions - 54mm x 30mm x 22mm
  • Total Weight (Mod with Battery) - 75 grams
  • The SteamCloud Box Mod can be used with just about any standard 510 atomizer for oils, wax, or dry herbs
  • Battery Capacity - 1600mAh
  • Working Voltage: 1.8 - 6 Volts
  • Output Power: 5~60 Watts
  • Atomizer Resistance:  0.15~2.5ohm (temperature sensing wire)
  • Fully Customizable Temperature Controls:  200°F-600°F / 90°C-300°C


SteamCloud Box Mod FAQ

Can this vape be used with Wax or Dry Herb Cartridges?

Yes! The SteamCloud Box Mod holds enough power to easily handle most waxes, oils, and dry herbs. As long as your attachments are 510 threaded, this vape battery will get the job done, and this includes wax and dry herb atomizers. Because of the power and design of the battery, we strongly encourage the experimentation of all kinds of 510 attachments and cartridges with the SteamCloud Box Mod!

Does this vape battery have a button?

Yes, three in fact! The first button is the power button which will be used to turn the device on, turn the device off, as well being pressed to power the coil so you can take a draw from your chosen attachment. The other two buttons serve two different functions. The first function is to increase or decrease the wattage output of the device when pressed separately. The second function occurs when both the plus and minus buttons are pressed together, allowing you to choose the specific mode you would like the box mod to be in. When you find your chosen mode, press the power button to select it!


How to Operate the SteamCloud Box Mod Vape Battery 

The SteamCloud Box Mod will come partially charged, but we always encourage you to allow the battery to be charged completely before you head out on a long journey. This will ensure that you experience a typical vaping time and not experience an untimely interruption in the middle of a vaping session.

Once the SteamCloud Box Mod is fully charged, choose the 510 threaded attachment you would like to use. Remember, the box mod is only a battery. You will want to be sure to have your preferred attachments and product ready separately! Once chosen, simply tighten the attachment into the threaded node located at the top of the box mod. As with any attachment or cartridges being used on vaping devices, you want to be sure that it is not too tight or too loose. Too tight may cause damage to the electrical connections of your vape battery and attachments, and too loose will not allow the electrical connections to touch. 

After your chosen attachment is secured, press the power button five times in quick succession. This will turn the mod on and allow you to supply power to your attachment. At this time, the OLED screen should also be powered on. It will display the current battery charge level as well as if the box mod detects that there is not enough product to vape or if an attachment is providing too much electrical resistance. 

Once the box mod is powered on and the attachment securely fastened, it is time to vape. Press and hold the power button while taking a draw.  If you find that your product tastes burnt or your vapor is too thin, you may want to adjust the wattage output, which can be done with the plus and minus buttons next to the power button. The SteamCloud Box Mod can go as high as 60 watts of output, so we encourage starting at the lowest setting (5 watt) and working your way up to the ideal output for the specific attachment and product you are using. During a vape session, if the device gets too hot, the device will automatically power down for safety reasons. A warning message will also be displayed on the OLED screen.

After you have completed a vaping session, press the power button five quick times to power the battery down. The battery should never be left on when vaping is not being executed. Once the device has powered down, we recommend removing any attachments being used (or at least loosening them to disconnect the electrical connections). This will help increase the life of both the attachments and vape battery, as well as safeguard against any leaks or spills that may occur.

As with any battery, this box mod should always be kept in a cool, dry place.


How to Charge the SteamCloud Box Mod Vape Battery

First, attach the included USB charging cable into an available outlet or other USB power source. 

Once the USB charging cable is attached to a power source, use the micro USB connector to attach into the charging input on the long face of the box mod near the printed logo. 

You can check the status of the battery charge on the OLED screen. This is also where you will check the battery power during regular use.

Never charge your battery overnight. This will cause overcharging and will damage the life of the battery.


SteamCloud Box Mod Vape Battery Troubleshooting

The SteamCloud Box Mod is one of the best box mods on the market. it is small but packs quite a punch of power. However, despite its high quality, the rare mechanical issues can occur. Listed below are common troubleshooting scenarios that can be easily diagnosed and can quickly get you back to vaping in no time!

My Vape Stopped Working:  If your vape has suddenly stopped functioning, there are several things to check that may have caused this. First, check the OLED screen for any warnings. It may display a low battery warning (which means you need to charge the vape battery) or a low load (which means you need more product to vape) This box mod is great in that it displays a ton of great diagnostic information! 

My Vape Does Not Work:  If you find your vape battery simply is not working, you always want to double check the instructions and operating procedures listed above to make sure you have not skipped over a crucial step.  However, if the OLED is not showing a low battery or low load warning, it may be showing an error code that says “Atomizer Short”, for your given attachment.  If this is the error code you see, then there is an issue with the connection between your attachment and your box mod. Try disconnecting your attachment from the box mod and ensure that the electrical nodes and connections are free of dirt, oil, or other debris that may be causing interference.  Also, if the coils are replaceable, try replacing the coil inside the 510 attachment.  If the error still reads this, try using a different attachment. If you the new attachment works, the previous attachment has a bad connection or some other issue.  If several attachments do not work then there may be an issue with the box mod itself.

My Vapes Does Not Work 2:  Though this scenario is far rarer, it is possible that your attachment and box mod are perfectly fine, but they simply are not compatible with each other. Verify and make sure that the attachment being used is a 510 threaded attachment. Also, the shape or length of the screw-piece area may not be long enough to make a connection between the electrical nodes of each device, not allowing power to flow between the two.

The Vapors are very light:  Different attachments offer different resistances, and different vaping products will provide the ideal vape at varying temperatures. The SteamCloud Box Mod offers varying levels of customization to make sure that you can craft the absolute best vapor possible.  Starting with the lowest wattage setting, 5 watts, adjust the wattage upward until you start to draw a thicker, tastier vapor. In general, a higher wattage will get you a bigger cloud, but a lower wattage will get you a subtler flavor. Experiment and see what wattage will work for you! 

The Vape Battery will not Charge: If you have carefully followed all of the charging instructions listed above and are not able to charge the vape battery, there are a few things you can still try. If you are able to see any kind of information on the OLED while the device is unplugged, but that device completely shuts off when connected to the charger, you likely have an issue with your charging cord or power supply (this can be tested if you have another power source and micro USB cord handy). If the vape battery is completely dead regardless of what power source you use, there is likely a terminal issue with the battery.


Steam Cloud Box Mod Vape Battery Tips

Leave the oil cartridge upright:  Any attachments that have oil or wax in them should always be stored upright when not in use. This will help avoid leaks and messes in the rare instance that one of your attachments has a leak.

Bring the Charger while traveling:  Though the SteamCloud Box Mod offers the convenience of a hefty battery, if you plan on vaping at a higher wattage output for extended sessions, it is not difficult to go through the battery very quickly. Having your charger on hand could save the day! 

Be Mindful of what Accessories you will need:  The SteamCloud Box Mod handles atomizers for not only oils but waxes and dry herbs as well. However, if vaping waxes or dry herbs, there are other accessories that you will want to have to ensure a premium vaping experience. If you are smoking with a wax atomizer, a dabbing tool is absolutely necessary to ensure an even burn for a smooth, flavorful vapor without burning the wax.

If smoking dry herb, be sure to have a grinder ready to prep it to be used in a vape. You may want to consider using a glass screen in the dry herb atomizer as well, as this helps prevent combustion of the dry herb, which, in turn, gives you a smooth vape instead of a harsh smoke.


SteamCloud Box Mod vs SteamCloud EVOD

The SteamCloud Micro and the SteamCloud EVOD offer very different experiences with vaping, each with their own pros and cons. The SteamCloud EVOD is a vape pen that is smaller, more discrete and is ideal for the beginner user. All you need is a skinny 510 threaded cartridge and it is easy to get started vaping. However, it lacks the power of the SteamCloud Box Mod, holding only 900mAh of charge and an output maximum of 4 volts. The SteamCloud Box Mod crushes the EVOD in power, coming in at 1600mAh charge and a huge variable output range, as low as 5 watt and as high as 60 watts. However, you will need to prepare your attachments to be able to use the box mod, ensuring that both the attachments, as well as the box mod, are ready to vape when you are ready. The Box Mod is ideal for the experienced vaping enthusiast who is looking to get the most out of a vaping session with customization.

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